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July 7, 2017

20 Decorating Themes for the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 20 Decorating Themes for the Classroom

20 Decorating Themes for the Classroom

Seasons are changing and you’re tired of looking at the same bulletin board, the same posters. But really, you are tired of looking at the same classroom. To spice things up for you, and especially for your students, check out these twenty exciting decorating themes. These ideas are inspired by real teachers around the world!

Decorating Themes for the Classroom

1 .The World

The world is a big place, but scale it down to the size of your classroom. Decorate different parts of your classroom that represent parts of this beautifully diverse planet, from cultures, to geography and more. The kids will love exploring the classroom and learning in a miniature replica of the world.

2. Camping

If you have a place designated for story-time or play, make into a little camp fire ring with trees and a cabin all around. Give this space some comfy bean bag chairs or kid-sized camp chairs to make it nice and cozy. No one will want to leave the classroom!

3. Superheroes

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman––all these superheroes could help make for a great decorating theme. A thing to remember, though, is to remind your students that they are superheroes too!

4. Pirate Ship

A great theme that has been teacher-tested is pirates theme. Twist it up and make your classroom the pirate ship and all your students the pirates! Argh… hopefully no one has to walk the plank in your classroom!

5. Tropical Island

Unless you live at the beach, the tropical island theme will have you and your students reminiscing of warm weather and beach breezes. Be sure to have a relaxing reading space for the feeling of lounging on the beach with a book. Don’t forget the beach balls and flamingos!

6. Alice in Wonderland

Transform your classroom into the cult-classic Wonderland from Alice in Wonderland. Make every day feel like a wacky tea party with Cheshire Cat hanging from all sorts of places and Mad Hatter’s hat. This will definitely get their imaginations rolling!

7. Under the Sea

Let your school of little fishies take a dip in the sea with an underwater theme! If your kids are younger, they may enjoy a Finding Nemo or Finding Dory theme as well. Make sure to decorate with the favorite sea-creatures, like dolphins, clams and crabs!

8. Farm

The kids will be clucking away with a fantastic farm theme. Make name tags in the shape of different barn animals. Use this as an opportunity to teach about local farms in the area and where our food comes from!

9. Monsters

Create your own monsters or be inspired by Sully and Mike Wazowski in Monsters, Inc. Either way, the students will adore colorful creatures throughout the classroom.

10. Robotics

Bring technology into your decorating theme with some robot inspired decorations. This would be a new way to teach the importance of STEM education!

11. Emojis

Speaking of technology, many students are becoming tech-savvy at early ages. Take advantage of this by making a theme based on phone Emoji’s. Label things with Emoji’s rather than words and watch your kids fall in love with the techy-world inside your classroom.

12. Neon-Pop

If you are just bored of the mundane color schemes, make it pop with some crazy colors and decoration.  Neon will absolutely brighten up the classroom and put smiles on your kids faces.

13. Wild Safari

Give your little monkies something to talk about from lions to elephants. Make your classroom into a sight to see with a wild safari theme. Make each kids desk into jeeps for their own ride in your safari classroom!

14. Jungle

Bring the rainforest indoors by decorating your classroom into the jungle floor. Decorate with large canopy-trees and monkeys hanging from your ceiling. Partly cover up your LED lights with thin green table-cloths to make it feel more wild!

15. Dr. Seuss

Use one book by Dr. Seuss or his whole collection to create a classroom as whimsical as his writing. Use book sleeve covers to hang like garland from your ceiling. Lorax trees would be adorable around the book cases of your class.

16. Owls

Being the wisest animal out there comes with its perks; like becoming a main theme for a classroom! Owls are beautiful creatures just like you teachers. Show your wings off with a cute owl theme.

17. Space

Stir up the milky way with a classroom in the stars. Hang every planet and plenty of stars in your class to remind students how big the universe truly is. Make little astronomers out of your kids by showing them different constellations.

18. School Mascot

If your school has a mascot that can easily be made into a theme, never shy away! Vikings, beavers, wildcats and more are great starting points for terrific classroom decoration.

19. Literature

Books, books, and more books! Take your reading curriculum and turn it into a year long decoration.

20. Kindness

When the kids walk through your door, they should immediately be taken over by how welcoming and open the environment is. Your classroom theme should always be encouraging love and kindness for all people. Have inspirational decoration throughout the classroom in order to help develop beautiful, young people.

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