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August 27, 2012

3 Standards Aligned Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X 3 Standards Aligned Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

3 Standards Aligned Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

The crisp fall weather is slowly creeping in and it is time to transform those Welcome Back to School bulletin boards into some autumn-themed displays.  The three bulletin board ideas below are perfect for Common Core State Standards-aligned interactive learning centers and student work displays.  Try one in your classroom for some festive fall fun.

Fun Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Apple Attack Bulletin Board

Creative writing has never been so much fun as it is with this bulletin board idea.  Hang apple red paper or fabric on the board and trim it with an apple-themed border.

Display Option:  Hang examples of students’ creative essays that are centered around the theme of an “Apple Attack.”  The essays could be about everything from being attacked by apples to attacking apples to how animals eat apples.

Interactive Learning Center Option:  In the center of the board hang three large cut-out apples labeled “Characters”, “Events”, and “Emotions.”  Laminate them for future use.  Have students use dry-erase markers to write descriptive words that come to mind for each category when they think “Apple Attack”.  (You might also want to leave the board blank except for the background paper and have students write directly on it using pen or marker.)The descriptive words can then be molded into an individual, small group, or class story.

Aligns with Grade 3 Common Core State Standard W.3.3 for Writing.

Pumpkin Patch Match Bulletin Board

Pumpkins are such a fun fall symbol for children and there is no better way to engage them in learning than with a pumpkin match.  Cover a bulletin board with plain brown paper fabric and trim it with a pumpkin border.

Display Option:  Hang examples of student work listing rhyming words.

Interactive Learning Center Option:  Cut out or purchase small pumpkin-shaped pieces.  Place three small baskets below the board, each labeled with a common word family ending.  On each small pumpkin, write a word that corresponds with one of the word families.  Continue writing words until all of the pumpkin cut-outs have been used.  Hang the pumpkins on the board and task the students with sorting the words into the correct family.  Have them record their word family rhyming words on a pumpkin-themed paper for additional writing and reading practice.

Aligns with Kindergarten Common Core State Standard RF.K.2 for Phonological Awareness (Foundational Skills).


Perfect Poetry:  Apples and Pumpkins Bulletin Board

This idea lets you choose which theme you would like to use.  While the board itself is used mostly for display, the center activity gives students a place to complete the task and display their work.  Cover the board with plain orange or red fabric or paper and trim with a fall-theme border.

Display Option:  Hang students’ drawings that correspond to apple or pumpkin poems that they have read.

Interactive Learning Center Option:  Download and print-out a variety of apple or pumpkin poems and glue them into cut-out apples or pumpkins.  Laminate them for future use.  Have a recording system set-up on a table below the board where students can recite one of the poems featured.  Encourage fluency and expression while reading the poem.  After recording a poem of their choice, have students create drawings to illustrate their poem.  Display the drawings on the board or hang in another location.

Aligns with Grade 2 Common Core State Standard SL.2.5. for Speaking & Listening (Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas). 



What are some of your favorite fall bulletin boards that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards?  Share with us below!

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