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April 19, 2010

3 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for May

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Bulletin Boards
X May Bulletin Board Ideas

May Bulletin Board Ideas

The school year is almost over, but don’t give up on your bulletin board yet! The three ideas below will transform your bulletin board from blah to beautiful while incorporating student art work and ideas. So, break out the stapler and get decorating!

Marvelous May Bulletin Boards

Year in Review

May is National Photo Month and what better way to display photos from the school year than on the bulletin board. Forget about using butcher paper and, instead, save a copy of Sunday’s newspaper for this bulletin board background. After covering the board with newspaper, cut out a cute phrase or saying to title it. Some ideas include: Who’s in the News?, Year in Review, Caught on Camera, or Thanks for a Great Year! Using the photos that you’ve taken throughout the year, decorate the bulletin board. You can either hang the pictures up without being mounted, or you can mount them on a rectangular piece of white construction paper so that the photos look like Polaroids. Leave the bulletin board up until the end of the year, and pass out the photos during the last week of school. Quick, easy and fun for the entire class!

Marvelous Mom

If you’re planning on having a Mother’s Day show or Muffins with Mom celebration, use your bulletin board to honor this everyday hero. On a light pink background, staple swags of silk flowers around the edges of the bulletin board. Have students trace large flower petal templates in colors that coordinate with the silk flower colors. On each petal have them write something that they love about their mom. In the center of the flower, place the child’s picture. Staple them to the board in a random pattern to complete the project. Students will love seeing their work (and pictures!) displayed, and moms will tear up at the heartfelt sentiments on each flower petal.

Catch a Kite

Kite Day is May 12 and it’s the perfect reason to decorate your bulletin board with kid crafted kites. To make this more than just a craft activity, incorporate reading and language the lesson. Have each student cut out a large diamond shape from colored construction paper in the shape of a kite. Divide the kite into four parts by either folding it or drawing lines. In the top two boxes, have students write the name of a book they’ve just read and the author. In the bottom two areas, have them write the main idea and a brief synopsis of the plot. Practicing the written portion of the project on another piece of paper before writing it on the kite is always a wise idea. Staple a length of string to each kite and hang them on the bulletin board that is covered with light blue paper. It’s a great way to combine language, reading and crafting all in one lesson and provides you with great bulletin board material!


Planning on trying one of the bulletin board decorating ideas listed above? Great! Take a picture of the finished project and we’ll post it for other teachers to see!Save

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  • Linda
    July 28, 2010

    I have a bulletin board dedicated to grammar. I put each poster or rule on posterbd. or construction paper.(ie capitalization, punctuation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, subject,…) Then, at the end of the year, I just turn the grammar rule over to the blank side until I introduce the concept. By having the rules/posters that I will use already in place, I don’t have to keep moving things around to make room for a new poster. And, the posterbd.or construction paper that shows is quite colorful.

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