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April 24, 2017

3 End of the Year Countdown Ideas

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
3 End of the Year Countdown Ideas -

3 End of the Year Countdown Ideas -

By the time April rolls around, not only are teachers thinking about the end of the year, but so are students.  Turning the focus back to the things that need to be done before the final bell of the year rings can be a daunting task.  The three ideas below can help you keep your students on-track without ignoring their excitement about the approaching summer break.

End of the School Year Ideas


Counting up to the 100th Day of School is exciting, but counting down to the final day of school is equally as fun.  Pick a day, whether it is a multiple of five, an even number, an odd number, or just a full month before the year ends, and create a countdown sheet.  Label the poster or bulletin board, “Focus to the Finish” and explain to the class that each day they show focus on their schoolwork, the class will be rewarded with a green sticker or dot.  When the chart is filled with green stickers, the class will be get an end-of-the-year pizza party or other special treat.

Counting up to the 100th Day of School is exciting, but counting to the final day is equally as fun. #TeachChat


Making memories during the final few weeks of school is important for students.  Use a timeline to record an event that happens each day during the end-of-the-year countdown.  Assign one student each day to fill in the timeline.  To keep students focused on their work throughout the day, write a reminder on the board that says, “We’re making memories.  Focus on today!”  The gentle reminder will help redirect their attention.


Share With Us

After students have spend the entire year together in the same classroom, they begin to think they know everything about one another.  Use the last weeks of class to learn more about your students.  Have each student be the “Student of the Day” and encourage them to share what they have learned, their favorite memories, and what they are most looking forward to next year.  Let the other students fill out a note card to share compliments and messages with the Student of the Day.

3 End of the Year Countdown Ideas -

While the end of the school year can be challenging, it can also be a wonderful time to reflect on the year and your students.  Channel their excitement and share their enthusiasm.  Before you know it the sweet sound of the final bell will be ringing in your ears.

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