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September 1, 2017

3 Fun Ways to Explore Holiday Traditions

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Let Students Share Their Holiday Traditions

Let Students Share Their Holiday Traditions

Let children talk about their family’s holiday traditions and teach your class about similarities and differences.  The ideas below can help you bridge the gap between church and state while still letting your students explore different customs and traditions.  The ideas can be expanded to include writing, oral presentations, geography, art, music, and more.

Activities and Ideas to Share Holiday Traditions

Photo Exhibit

Younger students can bring in pictures of their families celebrating their particular holiday traditions for show and tell.  Challenge older students to create a photo slide show or a poster that describes what their families do for holidays.  It is a great starting point for discussion and allows students to discover different traditions.

Venn Diagrams

Use a Venn diagram to help students sort through similarities and differences when it comes to holiday traditions.  Separate the children into small groups or have them work in pairs.  Tolerance and interest in different customs and cultures is sure to be built.

Student Presentations

It is easy to talk about one’s own family’s traditions for the holidays, but telling about a classmate’s can broaden horizons and understanding.  Pair students up and have them prepare short presentations about their partner’s holiday traditions.  Discovering how people celebrate the same holidays, as well as different holidays can make learning fun.


How do you address different holiday traditions with your family?  How has the discussion about holidays changed since you were an elementary student?  Share with us below!


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