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October 26, 2015

3 Quick Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 3 Quick Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

3 Quick Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

It is time to iron out those last-minute Halloween party plans for the classroom.  While some teachers have parents who are more than happy to plan and run the party, many teachers are left on their own to plan their parties.  The three ideas below are perfect party games that combine learning and fun – and may even align with your state’s standards.

Halloween and Fall Festival Party Ideas for Kids

Bob for Letters

Turn the tables on the traditional bobbing for apples idea and turn it into a great word building activity.  You will need five mini-pumpkins per pair of students, a small basket for each group, and an answer sheet.  On five mini-pumpkins, write random letters and place them in a small bucket or basket with straw or hay.  Have students work together in pairs to pull pumpkins from the basket in sets of three and see how many words they can create using the letters that have been pulled.  You can use either the same letters for each pair or provide unique letters for each group of students.  The group with the most words created wins.


Ghostly Letters

Instead of Hangman, draw a Ghostly Letters board.  Use spelling or holiday related words for the blanks and for each incorrect letter guess, draw a part of the ghost (i.e. – billowing sleeves, round head, etc.).  It is an easy way to reinforce spelling while enjoying a bit of holiday fun.


Jolly Jokers

Laughter is an essential party of any party and jokes are a quick way to get students writing and practicing their oral presentation skills.  Encourage students to write a Halloween joke and share it with the class.


What are some of your favorite party ideas for Halloween?  Share them with us below!


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