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October 11, 2012

3 Team Building Activities for Teachers

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Career Path
X 3 Team Building Activities for Teachers

3 Team Building Activities for Teachers

The school year may be in full swing, but it is more important than ever to nurture and cultivate the positive relationships between staff members.  Teachers, administrators, and support staff can all benefit from team building activities that help them grow together and explore the different assets that they each bring to the table.  If you are searching for activities that will encourage growth in your team and help build relationships that are grounded firmly in a supportive atmosphere, the ideas below are a great place to start.

3 Team Building Activities for Teachers

Book Club

Traditionally reserved for after-school hours, a book club may not seem like an ideal team building activity, but it is a great way to encourage discussion, promote a commonality, and encourage fun.  While some may opt for a professional development book as the discussion point, there is also great merit in selecting a popular fiction or non-fiction book that everyone can relate to.  It is an especially good idea if you want to include the school secretaries, custodial staff, and other non-teaching professionals.  Hold the book club discussions during the lunch hour or after school at a local eatery.


Walking/Running Club

Promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle are an important part in maintaining a healthy team.  A walking club that does laps around the playground during the lunch period or walks around the perimeter of the school grounds before the day begins or after the final bell, is a way to include everyone.  Have a contest by dividing the walkers up in teams and challenging them to walk the farthest distance in a given time period.

Book Hospital or Make-and-Take Center

Teachers are unique in their team building opportunities, because so much of what they do is both time and labor intensive.  One of the biggest challenges they have is finding time to complete the odds and ends that help their classrooms run smoothly.  One such activity is repairing books from the class library.  Set-up a book hospital and have teachers bring their damaged books to be repaired.  As they work side-by-side with other teachers and support staff to fix the materials, spontaneous conversation and camaraderie builds.  Another option is to have a make-and-take center workshop.  Supply all of the materials needed to make a variety of hands-on center materials that relate to the Common Core State Standards and encourage them to create things for their classroom.  Again, the common task can help build a sense of community and an atmosphere where sharing ideas and supporting one another is promoted.


What are some of your favorite team building activities to do with teachers?  Share them with us below!

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