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January 25, 2018

5 Must-have Classroom Organization Tools for 2018

Written By: Laura
X school supply organizer

As teachers, we are always looking to up our game when it comes to classroom organization. Keeping an organized classroom is no small task when it comes to spending an entire day with children. It’s always an uphill battle to establish and enforce rules that help you keep a tidy classroom. How would you like to learn about tools that will help you in your ongoing effort to organize? Here are 5 classroom organization tools that make teaching life so much easier when it comes to keep your classroom neat and functional!

school supply organizer

  1. Snap ‘N’ Go

Small group supplies are easily organized and accessible with this sturdy supply tray. Its four sections can hold a variety of necessities like pencils, scissors, markers, glue sticks, etc. Set up the supplies that your small groups will need for an activity ahead of time. Unsnap each of the four sections for individual use.

coloring materials classroom organization

  1. Color Organization Station

Save time by arranging crayons, markers, colored pencils, and more in the corresponding colored cups. Students will be able to easily find the color that they are looking for, without having to dig through a box or tub. Plus, the rack allows easy transportation of the supplies around the room and are neatly stored while not in use.

clipboard stand

  1. Double Clipboard Stand

Use a variety of clipboards to separate the piles of paperwork you accrue… there’s no judgement here, only solutions! This will help you track down the exact documents that you’re looking for in no time flat. Check out this assortment of clipboards in fun colors and styles (polkadot included!) so that you can color coordinate by topic. Or use this stand to organize 9” x 12” individual white boards while they’re not in use.

vertical storage rack


  1. Vertical Storage Rack

This vertical storage rack organizes book pouches in a space-saving design. Students can place their book pouches (even filled with books and other materials) and then easily grab them to go when it’s time. This rack is sturdy and durable for years of use!

alphabet book dividers

  1. Classroom Library Alphabet Book Dividers

Organize you classroom library alphabetically with these double-sided plastic dividers. Each divider has a capital letter at each end in different orientations so you can use them vertically or horizontally on shelves or in book bins. Now all that you have to figure out is whether you’re organizing the books by author or title. Decisions, decisions…

Now that you have the tools to get your classroom in order, you can tackle your classroom organization goals and make all of your other teacher friends jealous of your skills!

What other methods do you use to get students to help you manage your classroom organization? Are there other classroom organization tools that you swear by? Comment below.

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