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September 16, 2016

5 Fall Crafts for Kids

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 5 Fall Crafts for Kids

5 Fall Crafts for Kids

Whether you are looking for a quick fall art project for your class or for your own children, the five activities below are sure to please.  They capture the feel of fall and, best of all, they are inexpensive to make.  Want to cut the cost of materials even more?  Buy supplies in larger quantities and split them with another grade-level teacher in your building or district!

Kids Crafts for Fall

Fall Scratch Art

Celebrate the season with a fun fall scene scratch art activity.  Inspire students to scratch out their favorite fall scene (i.e. – leaves falling, pumpkin picking, or apple pie making) on the ever-popular scratch art paper.  Not only is it a fun craft, but it’s also a great bulletin board decoration!


Paper Strip Pumpkin

Create adorable paper strip pumpkins to decorate your classroom.  Use them for Halloween or Thanksgiving!  Let parent helpers assist by cutting the strips of construction paper that’s needed.


Foliage Friend Collages

Turn some colorful fall leaves into foliage friends!  Glue them to a piece of construction paper and draw on arms and legs before decorating them with googly eyes.  Have students write a biography about their new fall friend in the writing center for added learning fun.


Finger Print Corn

Perfect for preschoolers through elementary grades, this craft not only captures the feel of fall harvest, but also preserves children’s finger prints.  For variation, use shades of rust, brown and yellow paint to create colorful Indian corn.


Halloween Bat Clips

Easy to make and perfect for Halloween fun, these bat clips are a quick, easy craft that all of your students will enjoy making.  Try using colorful black and gold clothespins to make your bat craft sparkle!


What are some of your favorite fall crafts for kids?  Share your ideas with us below or join in the conversation on the Really Good Teachers Forums!



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