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January 19, 2016

5 February Bulletin Board Ideas

Written By: Early Childhood
X February Bulletin Board Ideas

February Bulletin Board Ideas


February is mostly known as the month for love, as Valentine’s Day is widespread popular holiday. However, there are other celebrations and traditions that take place during this second month of the year. Here is a list of five bulletin board ideas to display in the preschool classroom during the month of February.

5 February Bulletin Board Ideas

 1. Past Greats Bulletin Board

Honor our forefathers on Presidents Day with a classroom display of some of our nation’s leaders. From George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, encourage children to celebrate this historical day by recognizing those who help our country be great.

Design the board with the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. Hang up portraits of a few of our presidents with a little information about them including their name and when they were president. To complete the display, tack up American flags, stripes and stars, and even a picture or cutout of Mount Rushmore.


2. Gobblers Knob Groundhog Day Bulletin Board

Inspire children to get into the tradition of looking for the shadow of the infamous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil with a Groundhog Day display.

Decorate the bulletin board half winter and half spring in the setting of Phil’s home of Gobblers Knob. In the middle of both seasons, show Punxsutawney Phil coming out of his burrow. Does he see his shadow? Have early learners vote on whether or not they think Phil will see his shadow, and display their guesses on the board.


3. Healthy Mouths Bulletin Board for Dental Health Month

Celebrate Dental Health Month with a healthy mouths presentation board to get children excited about teeth.

With a background and border of any color, display happy teeth with toothbrushes and toothpaste. List some important facts of healthy teeth such as brushing and flossing daily. Demonstrate nourishing foods to eat, and the significance visiting the dentist regularly. This board is sure to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth.


4. Random Acts of Kindness Bulletin Board

Inspire random acts of kindness with a bulletin board full of compassionate ideas and suggestions on ways to be thoughtful and considerate.

Create a collage of symbols and images that represent the meaning of kindness. A few ideas that can be included on the bulletin board are photographs of positive moments in the lives of others, cutouts of hearts and other symbols of unity, as well as, inspiring quotes and polite comments. Add a paper pocket of kind ideas for children to learn from. From saying words to each other like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to giving someone a smile, completed random acts of kindness can be posted onto the board for continuous motivation. Encourage a different act each day for students to accomplish and watch the kindness grow.


5. Sweet Things Bulletin Board

Decorate your bulletin board with some of the sweetest things for this Valentines month. From boxes of chocolate to candy hearts, children will find this display to be a real treat.

Hang a background that is a pastel color, such as pink or yellow. Add a bright border all the way around the bulletin. Draw and cut out large hearts to represent colored candy hearts and red boxes of chocolate. Add a photo of every student to each heart. Incorporate real candy pieces throughout the board to make it super sweet. Sweet tarts, lollipops, and milk chocolate kisses will be a big hit with all little ones.

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