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October 13, 2012

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Home Life
X 5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Halloween is a holiday filled with candy and junk food, but before despairing that your child’s teeth will be rotted out before November 2nd, there are a some delicious and easy healthy treat alternatives.  Fruits and vegetables take center stage as they make their way into some Halloween treats.  Try the ideas below to add a bit of healthy freshness to your holiday spread.  Don’t worry, the fun is not totally taken out of the holiday – most of them still include a bit of sweet treats.

Snack Alternatives for Halloween

Dracula Teeth

A red apple, cut into eighths makes the perfect backdrop for a set of Dracula teeth.  On one side of the apple spread a thin layer of apple or peanut butter.  Line up mini-marshmallows along the edge to represent teeth and then place another apple slice on top.


Cheesy Ghosts and Pumpkins

Instead of plain, square pieces of cheese on a platter, cut your cheese slices into the shape of ghosts.  A small cookie cutter can do the trick.  Use a white cheese for spooky ghosts and an orange cheese for mini-cheese pumpkins.  Serve with a red cranberry dip (think blood-looking) and crackers.


Olive Eyes

Olives can be high in sodium, but they offer a better alternative to candy when served in a Halloween buffet.  Stuff pitted black olives with a small slice of red pepper and label them as spooky eye balls.  Served with the cheesy ghosts and pumpkins above, they make for a delicious snack.  Don’t feel like stuffing black olives?  Use the green olives that are already stuffed with pimento.

Mozzarella Fingers

Mozzarella string cheese is a delicious, healthy snack that kids love.  Cut a mozzarella cheese stick in half and place an almond slice at one end to represent a finger nail.  Along the cheese stick, make small markings where knuckles would be to make it look more like a real finger.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

After spending hours carving your Halloween pumpkin, brush off those pumpkin seeds and slow roast them for a delicious and healthy treat.  Serve them spicy or sweet to match your buffet theme.


What are some of your favorite healthy Halloween treat alternatives?  Share them with us below!

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