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December 22, 2015

5 January Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Written By: Early Childhood
X January Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool and Elementary Classrooms

January Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool and Elementary Classrooms


January marks the start of a new year and new beginnings. Monthly events, holidays, and seasonal themes for the bulletin board display can help integrate a variety of topics within the educational curriculum. Designing and creating a bulletin board for this first month of the year can be simple with one or some of these five ideas for the preschool classroom.

5 January Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

1. March of the Penguins

Create a display all about penguins. Assist children in crafting their own penguins to be posted on the board. Use black and white craft paper and cut out ovals and circles to be glued together to build a penguin. Attach wiggly eyes and post them on the bulletin. Include a winter background, hanging random snowflakes, icicles, and even, an igloo. Add in some fun facts about penguins to make the board educational.


2. Snow Globe

Design this fantastic display of snow globes with the help of all of the students. Have little ones craft their own globes with construction paper and glitter (the more sparkle, the better). Using a background and border color of choice, hang up the handmade globes and attach a child’s photo to each globe to add the final touch to the classroom bulletin.


3. I Have A Dream

Celebrate and recognize Dr. Martin Luther King and his infamous speech through a bulletin board display. Include the speech on the board, as well as, several photos of Dr. King, his life, and his accomplishments. Encourage the help of students by designing a project for little learners to include on the board.   Preschoolers can draw and cut out dream clouds from construction paper. With a marker, write down dream ideas that the children have in the clouds before posting them on the display board.


4. Winter Wonderland

Construct this display by first hanging up a light blue background. Then decorate it with everything that is related to winter. From snowflakes of all sizes to a happy snowman or two, this board can include all things winter. Children can create the snowflakes by cutting out different patterns and maybe adding a little sparkle. Snowmen can be put together with glue and cotton balls. Add a fireplace, hats, mittens, string lights and some mugs of hot chocolate. See what else children relate to this chilly season and include those items on the board.


5. New Year’s Celebration

Create this display with bright and colorful pictures and crafts that represent this holiday. Ring in the New Year with a big golden bell on the bulletin board. In addition or instead of a bell, maybe make a version of the ball that is dropped every year at the stroke of midnight. This exhibit is a celebration, so include balloons, fireworks, stars and other festive items, such as party hats and whistles. Incorporate resolutions from each student to make it personal. Find out what children and their families like to do on this holiday and post their traditions. You might be able to introduce a class tradition for little learners.


Have fun and be creative when designing classroom bulletin board displays. Incorporate crafts made by students. Children will love anything they can be a part of and help make. Now get started making a plan for that January bulletin board.


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