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June 11, 2014

5 Perfect Plants for the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
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X Best Plants for the Classroom

Best Plants for the Classroom

Spider plants?  Ferns?  Which plants are best for the classroom?  For those teachers who are lucky enough to be allowed foliage in their classroom, deciding which plants to include in their space can be a challenging task.  We asked teachers from around the country which plants they prefer in their teaching space.  Find out which ones thrived and which plants wilted as we discover five perfect plants for the classroom.


5 Perfect Plants for the Classroom

Perfect Plants for the Classroom
Photo by quietdeluxe (



1.  Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is commonly known as one of the toughest houseplants around.  It’s stiff green leaves stand upright and can grow up to 3-4 feet tall.  Closely related to the Snake Plant is Mother-in-law’s tongue which has a yellow border around the edge of the leaves.  Bright sunlight? No sunlight? No problem!  This plant can withstand just about anything – except never being watered or being flooded.  Teacher Valerie Baxter said, “[They] will do well if they are forgotten to be watered (my students rotate through watering) and in any light.”  Besides, how much fun would it be to tell your students you have Snake Plant in your classroom?!





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