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July 8, 2016

6 Fun Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2016-2017

Written By: Brandi Jordan
10 Fun Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2016-2017 from

10 Fun Classroom Decorating Ideas for 2016-2017

A new classroom decor can make your home away from home feel like a wonderful escape for both you and your students. This year choose a theme that reflects your personality while also honing in on your students’ needs.  Want bright colors? There’s a theme for that! Need a more neutral, calm classroom decor? There’s a theme for that too! Check out the six classroom decorating ideas below to get started.

2016-2017 Trending Classroom Decorating Ideas

Down by the Sea

With ocean blues, sandy beige, and calming brown and grey, a seashore themed classroom is a great way to incorporate ocean fun while limiting visual distractions. Add some adorable paper lanterns, sea shell accessories, coordinated library book baskets, and chair pockets in the calming colors to make your classroom’s decor pop!

Explore the entire Shoreline collection HERE.


Grey, White, and Yellow

If you’re looking for a simple, yet cheerful theme for your 2016-2017 classroom, try an upbeat grey, white and yellow color scheme. Not only does the pop of bright yellow make the room more vibrant, it also goes perfectly with the very neutral grey and white. It makes the classroom easy to clean, organize, and decorate!

Find yellow and grey classroom decorations HERE.


Rainbow Happiness

Bright and bold, a happy classroom can be found at the end of the rainbow! Choose bright rainbow colors to decorate your 2016-2017 classroom. From rainbow colored bins and baskets to colorful bulletin board trim, a rainbow themed classroom is a great choice for the fun decor you’ve been searching for.

Explore the colors of the rainbow for your classroom HERE.

Things Are Always Black and White

Well, things may not always be black and white, but when you have a black and white classroom decor, they sure are! Simple, classic, and just waiting for your students’ colorful drawings, projects, and accents, the black and white theme is one that’s easy to carry from year to year.  With the addition of black baskets, bins, hanging decorations, and bulletin board accents, there’s no reason not to accept this timeless classroom theme!

See it all in black and white HERE.


Spice Things Up!

Let students’ excitement and enthusiasm be reflected in the bright orange and reds of a spicy classroom decorating strategy! Use cheerful orange trim for bulletin boards and passionate red bins to build excitement in the classroom library.  To prevent visual overload, add in some white with the red and orange accents and backgrounds. Your students are sure to feel empowered with this bold color design!

Find all of your red and orange decorating accessories HERE.


Black and Turquoise

With vibrant turquoise against a black background, there’s no way your classroom decor can do anything except pop! Choose from either black as the base color with turquoise accents, or change things up and use turquoise as the base with borders and bags in black.  Either way, a turquoise and black theme is the perfect mix of calm and energetic colors!

Explore all of the black and turquoise options HERE.


What colors are you using in your classroom this school year? Share with us below or on the Really Good Teachers Forums!






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