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October 29, 2014

8 Tips for Taking the Praxis® Exams

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Career Path
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X Tips for Taking the Praxis Exam

Tips for Taking the Praxis Exams

The Praxis® exam is a test that is often required for those wishing to enter the field of education. In order to obtain a teaching certificate, future educators must pass the tests mandated by their state, but they often included the Praxis® Core and sub-tests for different areas of certification. Thankfully, veterans of the test have shared their tips for taking (and passing) the exam in order to help those who have yet to take it. Here are their eight tips for taking the Praxis® exam in order to complete teacher certification requirements.


8 Tips for Taking the Praxis® Exams

1. Get the Study Guides & Take the Practice Exams

“Get the study guide with the practice tests. It really helps!” said veteran teacher Rachael. Teacher Valerie agreed, “Make sure you do a practice test and remember that you can take them again if you need to.” The Praxis® site features specific test prep material for each of the exams.


2. Shadow a Veteran Teacher

Sometimes spending time in the classroom shadowing a veteran teacher can be a huge help. Simone said, “Don’t fret! It wasn’t bad at all. Visit a seasoned teacher for a few days to see how she handles situations you may not have thought about. You got this!”


3. Take It While You’re Still In School Mode

When you are immersed in your educational career, it can be much easier to focus on testing and test prep than when you are in a different phase of your life. Veteran teachers like Sybella agreed. “Take it while you are still in school mode. I think it has been hardest on those who have been out of test taking mode for too long. It wasn’t so bad.”


4. Outline First

The writing portion of any exam can be stressful, but veteran teacher Stephanie made a great suggestion. “[For the] writing portion, outline then fill it in starting with the topic paragraph and conclusion. That way if you do not finish they know where you are headed.”


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