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November 9, 2012

Behavior Bingo

Written By: Hadar Maor
X Behavior BINGO for Behavior Modification

Behavior BINGO for Behavior Modification

As the school year goes on, and breaks approach, you may notice your students having a tough time staying focused and following classroom rules. It’s not just me, right?! So I wanted to share a fun management idea that I introduced to my class last year before summer vacation because it worked, like a charm!

Behavior Bingo 

Step 1: Choose one behavior that you find your students are having a tough time with.

My kiddos were having a super hard time giving me their attention. At the beginning of the year, I taught them a choral response as my attention getter. I say “eyes up” when I need their attention and their job is to echo me chorally “eyes up”, stop what they’re doing and put their eyes on me.

Well, toward the end of the year, it was more of half the class echoing me and three-fourths of the class continuing with their work. I had to remind them several times this week what “eyes up” actually meant!

Something had to be done!


Step 2: Prepare the behavior board.

I printed out a bingo board and a corresponding prize board and put them up on the whiteboard {pretty much front and center!} I cut up a sheet of corresponding numbers, folded the little pieces of paper and half and threw them in a cute little pail. When my students walked in to the classroom, they were really excited to learn about our new Behavior Bingo.


Step 3:  Introduce the behavior board.

I explained to my students that I was looking for their full-attention when I asked for it. We talked about what it meant for them to have “eyes up” and then I told them that I was going to reward them for their attention. When everyone is able to give me their full attention, the first time, I will choose a ticket from the bucket.


Then I showed them how I would cover the corresponding number on the chart using a cute little magnet. This also works with a dry-erase marker if the chart is laminated, or you could use a fun sticker instead.

Then I told them that they get bingo by filling an entire column.

Whichever column they fill first is the prize they will earn!
P- Popsicle Party {or you could do popcorn party, pizza party, or just party and you can decide what they get!}

R- Read-a-thon. My students really enjoy reading. Probably because they’re all really good at it! During our read-a-thon, they can bring a pillow or blanket from home, read with their shoes off and basically just have a relaxing afternoon reading.

I- Inside Games. You know, those fun games you get to play during rainy day recess. Of course, you can always make this one an ice cream party, or an invite of some sort.

Z- Zoo Day {bring a stuffed animal to school}

E- Extra Recess! This one may be the most enticing!

Once your students have earned a prize, you can start over. Continue reinforcing the behavior you are trying to shape, or choose a new behavior you want your students to work on. The possibilities are endless!


About the Author

Hadar Maor, author of the education blog Miss Kindergarten, has known that she’s wanted to be a teacher since she was in second grade. She loves organizing, crafting, DIY projects, baking, the beach, bargain shopping and sharing her passion of teaching and blogging with others. Find her on Facebook!


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  • Jen with Simply Kinder
    November 20, 2012

    Thanks Hadar! I am having trouble gaining the attention of my newly formed. I am going to prep this over break and hopefully start soon!

  • Alessia
    November 11, 2012

    Great idea, Hadar! Thanks for sharing! I love playing incentive games with the whole class and where everyone wins. It really motivates them to stay focused and enforce positive behaviour.

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