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April 23, 2015

Summer Work Packets for Students

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
X Summer Work Packets for Students


Summer Work Packets for Students

There’s a fine line between engaging students and turning them off to learning.  When it comes to summer work packets, that’s especially the case.  While wanting to help parents and students extend learning throughout the summer months is natural, the presentation of such exercises can make or break their enthusiasm.  Thankfully, Really Good Teacher Karen knows just how to make it all work.

This end of the year activity from Karen, a 3rd Grade Teacher from Peachtree City, Georgia, keeps kids learning and involved during the summer months without turning them off to learning.  Find out how she creates personalized packets for her students and how you can too!


Fun Summer Work Packets

“Each May, as our year comes to a close, I prepare a personalized packet for each student to take home over the summer.  The packets include resources such as websites, book lists (from the Public Library), and practice activity sheets. I include fun activities slated to each child’s level of learning. I also pop in some surprises, like a photo from our year together and free book purchased with bonus points from our class book club.


I tell my students that if they finish the packets over the summer and return them to me the following August, a special surprise will await them. I usually have special pencils and certificates—along with words of encouragement and admiration—for those students who complete and return their packets.”
Summer learning fun with incentives at the end?  Now that’s a really good way to get students and parents on-board with summer work packets!


What are some of your favorite things to add to summer work packets? Does your school encourage you do prepare them for your students? Do you reward students for returning them to you at the beginning of the school year?  Share your thoughts with us below and on the forums!

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