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August 1, 2016

Classroom Capers – Funny Stories for Teachers

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Career Path
X Classroom Capers - Funny Stories for Teachers

Classroom Capers - Funny Stories for Teachers

Teaching brings with it some laughable moments and our Really Good Teachers have no shortage of funny stories.  So, sit back and enjoy a good laugh while reading stories that only teachers can truly appreciate.

Funny Classroom Stories

Alphabet Insight

My kindergarten class was learning about the letter “p”. As the students brainstormed a list of “p” words, I recorded them on chart paper and drew a picture to match. I then asked each student to draw a picture of something from our chart to create a class book. The students quickly got started. I noticed, however, that Patrick was having trouble” says Holly, a Kindergarten Teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana. “He soon came over to my desk and asked me how to draw a ‘couch’. I said, ‘I’m sorry but ‘couch’ doesn’t start with a ‘p’. He quickly responded, “I know! I’m trying to draw my dad on the couch getting some PEACE and quiet!!!'”


High School

A field trip to the high school cafeteria resulted in this precious gem from Ellen, a 1st Grade Teacher in Yankton, South Dakota. “For many years, our first graders have been going on a field trip to our local high school food service department to learn how our school lunches are planned, prepared and delivered. As we viewed the dieticians preparing the different parts of the meal, from cooking to packaging to delivery, the Director explained how each piece of equipment worked and how much each piece costs to purchase. After she explained that the dishwasher cost $40,000, a mixer cost $25,000, the frying pan cost $5,000 and the freezer cost $50,000, one of my students commented, ‘Now I know why they call this ‘high school’. Everything costs so much money!'”


Vocabulary Mix-up

“Recently, one of the little girls in my class attended a wedding,” says Mandy, a Kindergarten Teacher in Madisonville, Kentucky. “Slightly confused about what marriage means, she asked me, “If I kiss a boy, does that mean I’m married?” I began explaining that marriage entails more than just a kiss, and that for two people to get married, they must be older, and ready to exchange lifelong vows. Puzzled, she looked up at me and asked, “Why would I have to be older for vows? I already know my vows: A, E, I, O and U!””


Originally published: March 27, 2010


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