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April 8, 2013

Countdown to Kindergarten Graduation

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
X Countdown to Kindergarten Graduation

Countdown to Kindergarten Graduation

You have made it through the school year and the only thing left to do is the final Kindergarten graduation ceremony.  Take heart, there are some great ways to celebrate this special occasion and keep chaos at bay.  Use the timetable below as a guideline for getting everything accomplished before that big day.

Kindergarten Graduation Countdown

8 Weeks In Advance

  • Recruit 4-6 parent helpers to head up the Refreshment Committee and the Clean-Up Crew.
  • Talk with the school custodian about using the auditorium or outside field.  Find out who will be responsible for setting up chairs, the microphone and podium, and anything else you would like to have on display.  If it is your responsibility to set-up the chairs, ask for a few more parent volunteers to assist you in a Set-Up Crew capacity.
  • Begin scoping out goodies for a Graduation Goodie Bag for each student.


6 Weeks In Advance

  • Send out invitations to families for the graduation ceremony.  Give them a final RSVP date at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.  If need be, limit the number of guests to accommodate space constraints.
  • Post a notice on your classroom blog or website.
  • Order graduation caps, gowns, diplomas and items for the goodies bags.
  • Check in with parent volunteers to see how the request for refreshments is coming along.

4 Weeks In Advance

  • Fill-out student diplomas.  Roll them into scrolls and tie with a pretty ribbon in your school’s colors.
  • Send out a reminder notice about RSVPing for the ceremony.
  • Teach and practice any songs or poems that the class will be reciting during the ceremony.
  • Get a copy of Pomp and Circumstance to play as the students take their seats during the ceremony.


2 Weeks In Advance

  • Check in with the custodian to be sure that everything is confirmed for the big day.
  • Gather the final head count for attendees and pass along to the Refreshment Committee, as well as the custodian for chair set-up.
  • Put together goodie bags.
  • If writing a personal note to each child, begin now.

1 Week In Advance

  • Double check all preparations for the space, refreshments, and the ceremony.
  • Do a practice run through with your students so that they know what to expect on the big day.
  • Finish writing notes to each child.
  • Double-check to make sure that you have a diploma and goodie bag for each and every child.

Graduation Day

  • Arrive early.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Set up the diplomas and goodie bags by the podium.
  • Focus on your students as they arrive and instruct parents to go to wherever the ceremony is being held.
  • Give your students a quick pep talk filled with encouragement and pride for their accomplishments.  Let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Have everyone line up.
  • Let the show begin and enjoy!

Congratulations on completing the year!  You have made a really good difference in the lives of all of your students.  Now, go relax!

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