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April 12, 2010

Earth Day Activities for the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Earth Day Activities for the Classroom

Earth Day Activities for the Classroom

Have you found your classroom Earth Day activities yet for April 22nd? You may have some tried-and-true lesson plans that you pull out from year to year, but if this is your first year teaching, chances are you need some ideas. We’ve compiled a list of some great, classroom-friendly ideas that will get you started and give you some fresh, new lessons to share with your class.

Earth Day Activities for Kids

What IS Earth Day?

This complete lesson plan gives you great ideas for teaching children about the meaning of Earth Day and why conservation and respect for our planet are so important.

The Happy Earth Day Coloring & Activity Book

Put together by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), this free, downloadable coloring book is perfect for classroom teachers and homeschoolers alike. It features idea for taking care of the Earth and is targeted toward younger elementary/preschool-age children.

Earth Day Activities in Abundance

From Acrostic Poem pages (perfect for Poetry Month!) to Syllable Matches, this website has it all for Earth Day activities. There are craft ideas, a comprehension quiz, writing prompt page and more. An all-inclusive website for your Earth Day lesson plan needs.

Earth Day Rap

If your class is musically inclined, teaching them about Earth Day through singing a rap may be just the thing to reach them. This website has many printable bookmarks, signs, awards and coloring pages, as well as, an adorable rap song idea.


What is your favorite Earth Day activity? Share with us in the comments below or on the Really Good Teachers Forum!



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