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March 23, 2013

Easy Garden Planning for Busy Teachers

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Home Life
X Garden Planning Ideas for Busy Teachers

Garden Planning Ideas for Busy Teachers

Gardening is a great way to relax. The feel of dirt in your hands and the warm sunshine on your face can help put life into perspective. However, for busy teachers, finding the time to plan and start a garden can be challenging. So, this year we’re helping take the stress out of garden planning.  We have found some clever and time efficient ways to make growing fresh herbs and vegetables a cinch in even the smallest spots.  Take a look!

Building Your Garden

Think Up!

For those who live in apartments or rent a home, a full-size garden is usually not an option. Don’t despair!  Look at the available outdoor vertical spaces and “grow up” instead of out! This Vertical Vegetable Garden has room for leafy lettuce, fragrant herbs and is neatly contained in a sturdy pocket shoe holder that normally hangs on the back of a closet door.


Garden Planning

Having trouble figuring out where to plant all of your vegetables in the garden? This website allows you to plan out where your vegetables will go or provides you with a pre-made plan. There are plans available for everything from a Kid’s Garden to a Soup Garden. Estimated harvest times and plant growth information are also available.

Windowsill Wizardry

No outdoor space to speak of? That’s okay! If you have a windowsill available that gets even moderate light, growing a small herb garden is a definite possibility. Herbs like Basil, Oregano and Mint all grow well in windowsill planters. has some great tips and tricks for nurturing herb gardens, as well as, ideas for recipes that use the herbs once they’ve matured.

Think Local

Just no room to plant anything? That’s okay! To find the freshest produce in your area find a local farmer’s market that offers a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some farmer’s markets also feature locally raised beef and chicken, as well as, fresh breads and sweet treats.  It makes for a farm fresh grocery shopping trip.


What do you like to grow in your garden? Share with us!

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