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May 15, 2013

4 Father’s Day Projects and Activities

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X 4 Father's Day Projects and Activities

4 Father's Day Projects and Activities

Let children show Dad how much he means with these quick and easy Father’s Day crafts and activities. Perfect for the tiniest tots to the oldest teens, the following ideas are fun and inexpensive which makes them ideal for class projects and groups. Bring a smile to Dad’s face this Father’s Day with these great tie-alternatives.

Fun Father’s Day Projects and Activities for Kids

Baseball Keepsake Father’s Day Project

For this activity, you will need one baseball for each child. If funds are tight, consider asking a local sporting good store to donate some to your classroom. Before handing out the balls, have each child make a list of five to ten things that he loves about his dad. Check for correct spelling and punctuation. Then, have the child write the sentiments on the baseball. For very young children, an adult may need to write the messages on the ball after the children have decorated them with crayons or markers. You can be guaranteed that this is a baseball that Dad will cherish forever!


Simple Snow Globes

Have students bring in empty baby food jars for this quick and easy project. Begin by taking a picture of each student and printing it out on photo paper or card stock. Laminate the picture with clear contact paper or the laminator, leaving at least 1/4-inch laminated edge around the photo. Glue the picture cut-out to the inside of the baby jar lid using super glue or a hot glue gun. Have students fill their jars 3/4 of the way full with water and 1-2 drops of food coloring to tint the water. Add glitter to the water and screw the lid tightly onto the jar. Turn the jar upside down so that it rests on its lid and a simple snow globe is born. All gluing and laminating will need to be done by an adult, so recruit a classroom helper if one if available.


Dad’s Day Lunch

The week before Father’s Day, plan to hold a Dad’s Day Lunch. Invite fathers to come to class during lunchtime to share a meal with their child. Students can create invitations in the shape of baseballs with a message that reads, “Come Find Out Why I Think You’re the MVP!” Include the date, time and RSVP invitation on the inside or the back. Decorate the classroom in a baseball theme and serve traditional ballpark fare. Hot dogs, soft pretzels, and popcorn are all a menu must-have. Students can then present their fathers with small gifts or cards to honor him for Father’s Day. Dads will enjoy the extra attention and special invitation to have lunch at school with their child.


Donuts with Dad

For Mother’s Day there was Muffins with Mom, so what better way to bring dads in during the morning hours than a Donuts with Dad celebration. Donut shaped invitations can be created to invite the father’s for this easy Father’s Day celebration. Have students cut out large donuts from craft paper and hang them on the classroom walls with messages from the children about why they love their dads. Donuts, juice and coffee are the perfect simple and inexpensive snacks to serve. Have students present cards, poems or other crafts that they have created to their fathers during the celebration.


What is your favorite Father’s Day craft or activity?  Tell us about it! Leave a comment below or share your ideas on the Really Good Teacher forums!

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  • Carol Zeffiro
    May 23, 2010

    Get paint stir sticks from a hardware store. I have always had them donated. Next, have the children paint the sticks with acrylic paint. Allow to dry. With puff paints, draw markings for inches. Glue a picture Lf the child’s face to one side of the stick. Have the child decorated with glitter, buttons, etc. Write with paints markers “Dad, you rule!” Glue a magnet to the back!

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