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January 30, 2017

Free File Folder Game Resources

Written By: Brandi Jordan
FREE File Folder Game Ideas and Resources -

File Folder Game Ideas and Resources

File folder games are not only fun, they’re a great way to reinforce basic skills.  They are easy to store and can cover a wide range of skills and ability levels.  The only thing better than making a new file folder game is to do it while using a free file folder game downloadable template!  Check out the free teaching resources below and fire up that laminating machine to make some new file folder games.

Free File Folder Games

Time, Ice Cream & Bees!

Not only are these file folder game templates free to download, they are also absolutely adorable.  Colorful and fun, they will keep your students’ attention and quickly become favorite math file folder games.

Shape Up!

Perfect for preschoolers, this shape matching file folder game is free and fun!

Marvelous Math File Folder Games

There are great math file folder games for all preschool and elementary grade levels here that are free for downloading.  Some are very colorful and will save you a ton of time having to color pieces!  Just search “File Folder Games” in the search box.

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

Use the downloadable sheet above as an answer sheet for an easy file folder game that is perfect for the shopping season.  Simply bring in weekly sale ads or cut out items and place them in a file folder with their prices and have students select 10 items to purchase with $50 or $100.  They then record the prices, add to find the total and calculate how much change they’ll get back.  Toy catalogs are always fun for kids!

FREE File Folder Game Ideas and Resources -

What are some of your favorite file folder games?  Share them with us below!

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