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April 16, 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Kids: Writing Prompt Booklets

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Mother's Day Gift Idea for Kids: Writing Prompt Booklets

Mother's Day Gift Idea for Kids: Writing Prompt Booklets

Moms of children in Christina’s 1st Grade classroom in Lilbourn, Missouri are sure to love their Mother’s Day gifts this year.  Christina combines gifts for moms with writing prompts to make the presents truly memorable. Get ready to honor and celebrate mom with this heartfelt Mother’s Day gift idea for the classroom. Here is how she does it.

Mother’s Day Gift Booklets

“Each Mother’s Day we create our ever-popular Mother’s Day booklets that please moms while strengthening writing skills,” Christina explains.  “To prepare each booklet, I first start with paper that has at least 4 lines at the bottom. (The top of the paper is left blank.)

On page 1, I write the prompt, “My mom’s name is _________.”

On page 2, I write, “My mom is _______years old.”

The remaining pages, 3-10 feature these prompts:

pg.3 “My mom’s favorite color is_________.”

pg.4 “My mom’s favorite place is ________.”

pg.5 “My mom’s favorite food is _________.”

pg.6 “My mom’s favorite book is _________.”

pg.7 “My mom’s favorite holiday is _______.”

pg.8 “My mom’s favorite flower is ________.”

pg.9 “My mom’s favorite hobby is _________.”

pg. 10 “Happy Mother’s Day: 1st Grade-20__”

I copy a class set of the book pages, distribute the pages, then help the children complete each sentence prompt. They use the blank space at the top of each page to draw pictures illustrating each sentence they complete. (Tip: for children who have difficulty writing, it can be helpful to have them create the illustrations first.)

I bind the booklets between construction paper covers and staple or tie in place. The students then personalize each booklet with a cover illustration and message to their moms. The kids love it and so do the moms,” Christina says.

What do you have your students do for Mother’s Day gifts?  Share with us in the comments below or on the Really Good Teachers forums!

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