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May 7, 2018

How Parents and Students Can Celebrate Their Teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week

Written By: Stephanie Machado
Teacher appreciation


Teacher appreciation

The time of the year has come to shower teachers with love and appreciation for wiping kiddos’ noses, teaching them to add, having supernatural patience, sharing the love of reading and the list goes on and on.

Teachers are unsung heroes but during Teacher Appreciation Week we want to make sure they feel all of the love!

Step outside the box and stay away from prepackaged goodies – these creative gifts are sure to make your teacher smile!

For the teacher with a green thumb…

Succulents and cacti are totally in style right now. Fresh flower bouquets never go out of style. Either one will make your teacher’s heart flutter. Thank your teacher for helping you grow with an arrangement of flowers. You can also bring her a potted succulent. They will think of you every time they water it! You can even customize the vase by painting it or writing your teacher a special message.

Teacher Appreciation


For the sentimental teacher…

One of the most memorable gifts I have ever received was a hardbound journal that was passed around to each family without me knowing. Each student drew me a picture and each parent wrote me a letter thanking me for all I had done for their child. It got me all choked up and is something I cherish. Remember that teachers are usually very happy with a sincere thank you.

Teacher Appreciation

For the dog loving teacher…

Think of your child’s teacher – what are her interests? Ask your kiddo – believe me they know. Do they have a pet? Pet lovers get very excited about gifts for their furry friend! Put together a dog toy, treats, maybe a dog themed frame (or pet store gift card) and watch your child’s teacher beam with delight!

Teacher Appreciation


This idea works with any hobby! Make your teacher feel special by showing her that you listen. No gift is more special than one a child chose because of something they remember the teacher mentioning.

For the foodie teacher…

Almost all teachers love food! Instead of picking up an assorted box of chocolates – make your teacher a dinner or dessert kit. Think of any meal like pasta night and create a basket with fancy noodles, sauce, a cute spoon and an apron. If you want to stick with sweets, consider putting an ice cream sundae basket together. Add bowls, toppings, spoons and cones – all the teacher needs to do is grab ice cream. These are the kind of gifts that you know will be put to great use!

Teacher appreciation

For literally any teacher…

Gift Cards! It sounds generic but the presentation can be anything and everything but that. Reach out to other parents in your child’s class and work together to each contribute a gift card. Have one parent collect them all and put them together in a way that will blow your child’s teacher away. A simple idea is putting them on a wreath with clothespins. The teacher can keep the wreath as décor and use the gift cards to unwind and enjoy a shopping day.

Ideas for gift cards that most teachers will like: VISA, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or a Really Good Stuff eGift certificate.

Whether you show up with their coffee order from Starbucks in the morning or send in a special picture with a handwritten note, at the end of the day, teachers will truly appreciate anything you do to show them you cherish them.


 What are some other ideas to celebrate teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week?

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