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March 4, 2016

How to Organize Craft Supplies in the Classroom

Written By: Early Childhood
X How to Organize Craft Supplies in the Classroom

How to Organize Craft Supplies in the Classroom


Craft supplies in the classroom can get a little a messy if they are not kept in an orderly fashion. Keeping related supplies together in a mobile cubicle with clear storage trays can be beneficial to maintaining organization, as well as, incorporating a variety of other storage items throughout the crafting area. By providing a designated space that is physically accessible for little learners helps to make the process of arts and craft time become more structured fun. With supplies and materials that are visually available and in an easy to reach location for small ones, children are able to help themselves to what they need. This fosters the foundation of a sense of independence and responsibility. Here are a few fun ways to organize those craft supplies making learning a little easier for teachers, parents, and children.


How to Organize Craft Supplies in the Classroom

Supply Caddies

Take full advantage of supply caddies. Supply caddies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They are perfect little compact carriers and an excellent choice for smaller craft materials. Not to mention, most of them have handles, which makes them easy to move around and store accordingly. Stock them with a variety of art tools such as pencils, markers, scissors, paintbrushes, pens, crayons and more.


Paper Stackers

With the help of stackable paper racks or tray cabinets, products including items like construction paper, cardstock, drawing paper, and any specialty paper can be organized for fast and easy access. Sorting and arranging papers by color, size, or type are a few of the ways to organize using paper stackers. In addition, these paper trays can also be used to store preschooler’s works of art or creative expressions that are a work in progress.


Storage Bins

Keep stencils, stamps, stamp pads and other supplies in a variety of storage bins. Additional manipulatives such as playdough, silly putty, and playfoam would also be great items to store in an assortment of bins. Arranging materials by theme or by subject helps to make items easier to find when getting ready to start a new project or continue an old one. Having all the pieces in one place is beneficial in keeping those small bits together while making them easily accessible. Consider choosing storage bins that are clear or opaque in color. This would probably be most helpful as it allows early learners and adults to see what’s inside before opening it up. In addition, bins can also be labeled with a title and/or a photo for optimal design.

Assorted Pocket Charts or Aprons

Use a pocket chart organizer or apron to arrange a variety of different miscellaneous project materials. Items such as craft sticks, wiggly eyes, pom-poms, buttons, feathers, glue sticks and more can all have home in one of the many pockets. With its slim design, pocket charts can be hung almost anywhere including behind doors, on the side of the craft tables, or on the wall. They are also portable making the materials inside easily accessible for the project at hand. Adding a label or picture cue to each pocket helps everyone to identify its contents.


Organization of school supplies of all types helps to create a positive and constructive learning environment. Being organized will maximize the time spent on educational activities while minimizing the time wasted on finding supplies, which will benefit both the students and the teachers.


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How to Organize Craft Supplies in the Classroom - and at home


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