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May 8, 2017

I Have My Teaching Degree. Now What?

Written By: Ashley Shanley
Category: Career Path
I Got My Teaching Degree - Now What? Tips for landing your first teaching job

What to Do After You Get Your Teaching Degree
As a recent college graduate with a brand new teaching degree, this topic seems all too familiar to me.  Four long, hard years of studying, exams, and student teaching have finally come to an end.  Most college graduates ask themselves the same question: Now what?  A few months into my first teaching job may not seem like too much and I most definitely am not an expert; however I believe some helpful tips I am going to give you are worth a shot!

What To Do After You Get Your Degree

Receiving your teaching degree is a HUGE accomplishment, so congratulate yourself! You earned this, so now it’s time to go into the world and show them what you are made of.  In order to do this, update your resume!  When applying for jobs, it’s the most important thing.  Create an organizational outline that will be pleasing to the eye of any employer that will be reading it.  Make sure you include your degree and specific skills that are outstanding for teachers!  Once your resume is finally complete get it out there!

Getting an Interview

Getting a foot in the door of any school district is challenging. It is especially challenging in order to get your own classroom. Try to get your name on a substitute list, become a paraprofessional, or even take maternity leave jobs. Once the district, principals, and teachers know you, they will feel more comfortable choosing a person from inside the school community to occupy a classroom that will need a teacher in the future.

Substitute Teach

Becoming a substitute or paraprofessional helps you understand classroom management, organization, and even the specific curriculum that is taught in that specific school.  Previous elementary schools or high schools love to see alumni. Going back to the school you attended may help you get your name at the top of the list for substitutes, or even permanent openings.  Recent college graduates are likely to have more than one job, so becoming a substitute is a great opportunity to earn extra cash as well as get a head start in your future career!

Social Media

Part of your career actually involves social media.  Social media has seem to rule our society both personally and educationally.  Because of this, employers are checking more than ever to make sure that their applicants have a clean digital footprint.  College is finished! Do your best to untag or delete any pictures that make you seem like you are not the best fit for a teaching position.  I promise, this will be the best decision you can make.  I am not saying to delete all your accounts permanently, but make sure they are 100% private.

I Got My Teaching Degree - Now What? Tips for landing your first teaching job

After all your hard work and dedication to the educational field, I have no doubt that anyone with a teaching degree will land a job.  It may not be right after you graduate, but by taking these few key points of advice, it will all work out in the long run. Be patient, stay up-to-date with technology, standards, and other important tasks done in the classroom.  Once you believe you can become a teacher, you can achieve becoming a teacher!



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  • Jdupuis
    May 10, 2017

    It is a really good idea to sub in a few schools and in a few different grades so you can find the right fit. Another piece of advice is teaching is a commitment so don’t feel pressured to take the first job offered.

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