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November 1, 2012

Identifying and Preventing Cyber-Bullying

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Cyber-Bullying Prevention and Warning Signs

Cyber-Bullying Prevention and Warning Signs

Identifying & Preventing Cyber-Bullying

What Is Cyber-Bullying?

  • Pretending to be someone else online with a malicious intent to “prank” someone else.
  • Spreading lies or rumors about someone.
  • Tricking someone into revealing personal information or sending personal photos.
  • Sending or forwarding malicious texts or emails.
  • Posting pictures of someone without their permission.
  • Threatening to physically harm someone or their family.

Know what Cyber-Bullying Looks Like

Ways Parents & Children Can Prevent and Stop Cyber-Bullying While Staying Safe Online

  • Block all communication from the bully.
  • Delete messages without opening and reading.
  • Talk with a friend or a trusted adult about the bullying taking place.
  • Report the bullying communication to the Internet Service Provider or email provider.
  • Refuse to forward or pass on bullying texts or emails.
  • Tell the bully to stop.
  • Talk to parents.
  • Never share your passwords with anyone except your parents.
  • Never meet someone from online face-to-face.
  • Never post personal information about yourself online (i.e. – birthday, phone number, the school you attend, etc.).

Tips for Parents

  • Be aware of what children are doing online. Keep the computer screen where you can see it while your child is on it.
  • Know about the social networking sites that your child uses. If your teen is on Facebook, make sure you show him how to report abuse, block a user, and set privacy controls.
  • Know your child’s password to all social networking sites.
  • Establish clear guidelines about what you expect of your child while he is online.


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