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February 26, 2018

Make the Move to Online Gradebooks

Written By: Ashley Shanley
X Online Gradebooks

Online Gradebooks

I love my pen and paper grading method all organized in different colors to create the best gradebook you have ever seen. As a technology teacher, you would think I use online gradebooks. However, I just started to use them this marking period! They are amazing tools for teachers because everything is right on your screen, organized, and there are no scribbles to ruin your page! Before choosing a gradebook that I trusted, I searched the internet. The top three choices I felt were a good fit were: LearnBoost, Thinkwave, and Schoology.

Thinkwave Review

While checking out Thinkwave, I felt the process of logging in was simple. Creating a free account, typing in your class name, and adding students. The grading scale can be adjusted to the way you want your certain assignments to be graded. You are able to average grades per term, create when your terms begin and end, as well as monitoring your student’s assignments individually or as a whole class. Thinkwave is a cloud-based application so it can be used on both an iPad or desktop computer.  Because of this, it is versatile and super compatible for all teachers!

Schoology Review

Schoology is a learning management system used for people of all ages. You can create lessons, assess student work, as well as keep a gradebook. It is simple to sign up and create your own classroom.  Posting assignments and grades are extremely easy for teachers. The website itself is laid out perfectly and you can find things in an instant! I feel the best part of this system is the fact that parents are able to gain access.  They can see progress and grades that are posted. Overall, teachers can increase the success of a classroom and the student’s education.

LearnBoost Review

After searching the web for a gradebook I truly connected with, I found LearnBoost. First off, I saw this gradebook was connected to Google+, WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. That’s a major win for me as a technology teacher, and I’m sure for the 21st Century classroom teacher as well! LearnBoost allows you to create lesson plans AND search for State Standards. It is extremely simple to log in, create a class, and even create a teacher portfolio for yourself. I can easily access my schedule and my students with one click. The grading is weighted with your specific modifications so each assignment can fit your scoring needs. I really enjoy using LearnBoost and I feel like many other teachers will too!

Do you prefer online gradebooks or paper and pencil?

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