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August 23, 2016

Six Super Educational Websites for Kids

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Technology
X Six Super Educational Websites for Kids

Six Super Educational Websites for Kids

Having a reference sheet of fun, educational websites is always great to have on hand. Whether you use it in class to supplement instructions or hand it out at the end of the year as a resource for parents over summer vacation, it is a list that can be comprised of all manner of child-friendly sites. If you have not had the time to create your own, we’ve compiled a list of some great sites that you can print out and keep on file.  As always, it is best to check the sites periodically to make sure that the content is still relevant.


Must-Have Websites for Kids

Starfall (

Phonics has never been friendlier than it is on this website geared toward Pre-K-3rd Grade students. Children can read and listen to short stories, create their own story related characters and even practice calendar skills.

OLogy by the American Museum of Natural History (

Designed specifically with kids in mind, this section of the American Museum of Natural History’s website offers children a chance to explore everything from Archeology to Climate Change to Biodiversity. Interactive, fun and educational, this site is a great way to tie the thrill of the Night at the Museum movies into a learning experience.

Time for Kids (

Related to the latest edition of Time for Kids magazine, this website offers insight into current events, Eco-friendly ideas and honoring other children for their actions. There is a section for homework and research help, as well as, tips for writing reports and features. It is a great resource for intermediate students.


Chem4Kids (

Looking for a great site to get kids interested in all things related to chemistry? Look no further! This website explains chemistry in language that kids can understand. Learn more about everything from atoms to biochemistry to matter as you meander around this interactive and informative site.


NASA’s Space Place (

What better site to get information from about space than NASA? The Space Place is their children’s site that teaches about space using fun, interactive games and activities. There are also craft activities for everything from a Momentum Machine to a Toy Asteroid Nanorover to make rainy days a lot more fun.


Fun Brain (

This site makes even adults want to practice their math facts! Colorful cartoons and entertaining games reinforce math skills for children just learning addition up to those who need practice with fractions. There are also language and grammar games on the site to make it a truly cross-curricular experience.




Do you have a favorite website that you recommend to your students? Tell us about it below or on the Really Good Teachers Forums!



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  • Linda Downs
    June 28, 2010

    http://www.brainpopjr. com and are excellent sites. While they are subscription sites, they both have some movies that are free. The Movie of the week is usually free. Great for Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading, Technology, etc. BrainPopJr has games and activities especially for K-3.

  • RonieSue Ullrich
    May 4, 2010 [kids section]

  • Julianne Brosnan
    May 2, 2010 should be on the list! I know it’s impossible to narrow down the best educational websites to just 6, so I’ll just add a plug here. Creative writing for children and adults alike. Check it out!

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