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March 3, 2013

Curbing Student Bathroom Breaks

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Curbing Student Bathroom Breaks

Curbing Student Bathroom Breaks

The revolving door of bathroom breaks has become overwhelming.  Your students always “need to go”!  Between managing those who are in the room and keeping track of those who leave it has become too frustrating.  You need a way to make students accountable, limit their bathroom visits, and keep track of who is where.  Never fear, Really Good Stuff Solutions is here!

Managing Bathroom Breaks

The Solution:  With teachers and classroom management in mind, Really Good Stuff tackled the problem of excessive bathroom breaks by creating the Classroom Clock Out Clipboard.  The idea is simple – students sign in and out with the time and destination each time they want to leave the room.  If someone is out of the room, the next person must wait to go.  You have a constant record of where everyone is and how long it took them to go where they needed to go.


“Our high school students are required to sign out and in when they leave the classroom with a hall pass. Having the clipboard clock makes it easy for them to write accurate times. There’s also a ‘coolness’ factor that encourages them to follow this routine,” explains a High School teacher in Pittsburgh, PA who uses the Classroom Clock Out Clipboard.


Elementary teachers love the clipboard too!  “My second graders have no problem using this clipboard. It is great for every busy teacher to keep track of where your students are. I make them sign out for any reason for leaving, not just the restroom. I keep it by the door so if there is a fire drill, I can grab it on the way out and have documentation of where my students are. Clock works great and battery can be replaced,” says a Second Grade Teacher from PA.


Susie, a teacher in VA, agrees.  “This system is easy to explain to students, and they use it independently. I make sure to tell my class that I keep the filled charts on file just in case there’s a problem with overuse of bathroom visits. Once I started using the clock out board, I never had a bathroom visit issue again!”  Susie also recommends taping the clock reset instruction slip to the back of the clipboard so you do not lose it.


Still not convinced that a non-timed clipboard system wouldn’t do the same thing?  This Georgia teacher encourages you to think again!  “Previously, I used a plain clipboard for students to checkout. I’d have two pages of restroom checkouts. After putting the classroom clock-out system in place, I have only three or four restroom checkouts a day. Go figure! Perhaps the clock makes them more accountable for their time.”


The Classroom Clock Out Clipboard is an easy way to keep students on track, manage classroom behavior, and make sure you know where students are at all times.


How do you keep track of bathroom or errand breaks?  Share your ideas!

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