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February 15, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Activity

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X St Patrick's Day Shamrock Activity

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Activity

You just can’t help thinking of March as a lucky month with all the four leaf clovers, rainbows and pots of gold that start popping up! Help students and their families connect over this fun project as they share why they’re lucky to be a family!


St Patricks Day Shamrock Activity


St Patricks Day Shamrock Activity for Kids
Photo by Denise Boehm

First, have students trace a large shamrock pattern onto green construction paper and take it home. Then direct students and parents to work together to cut out and decorate the shamrock with things that show why they are lucky to be a family. They can include photos, drawings, notes, letters and decorations of their choice. Then when students bring back the completed shamrock, have them share theirs with the rest of the class before being displayed on a “Lucky to be a Family” bulletin board.

St Patricks Day Shamrock Activity and Bulletin Board
Photo by Denise Boehm

I have sent this project home for many years and the results always range from stunning to sentimental and everywhere in between. Parents really enjoy a homework project that becomes family time instead of cutting into it, and I really enjoy getting a glimpse of my students’ family lives. Not to mention the pride that is evident when they share the finished project, which makes me feel so lucky to do what I do!





Denise Boehm
Denise Boehm


About the Author: Denise Boehm is a veteran teacher who has taught in the sunny state of Florida since 1994. She’s taught just about every elementary grade level and has loved (just about) every minute of it! She is the author of

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  • Susan
    March 1, 2014

    Anyway you could post the poem/prayer that is on the Shamrock? Thank you!

  • Dotty
    March 5, 2013

    Love this! Thank you!

  • Lauren
    February 27, 2013

    I absolutely ADORE this idea! I read your blog about it and immediately typed up a paper to send home Friday! Thank you sooooooo much for the adorable idea! I can’t wait!

  • Nicole
    February 21, 2013

    Do you have a letter you send home explaining the project that you could share?

  • Denise Boehm
    February 20, 2012

    Hi Jessi!
    That poem in the middle was a poem the father wrote to his daughter to add to the shamrock. It was so beautiful! I’ll come back and the poem when I get back to school, it’s hard to read in the picture 🙂

  • jessi
    February 19, 2012

    What a great idea! a real 2-for…homework and a bulletin board! But wait! What is the poem in the center?
    Mind sharing???

  • Julie P.
    February 19, 2012

    What a wonderful idea. I teach in inner city. This is a project all families can do, no matter what their income level is!

  • Samantha Spagnola
    February 19, 2012

    I am so doing this! Way cute!!! Thank you for the idea!!!

  • Kristen Klepfer
    February 17, 2012

    Such a great idea!! I usually send home a turkey to “disguise” as a family for Thanksgiving and the kids love it. I like that this becomes a time for families to reflect on what makes them great!! I will be doing this this year!

  • Charity Preston
    February 15, 2012

    VERY cute idea Denise! Thanks so much for sharing it! I love your comment about homework that doubles as family time instead of – that really is the key there and parents would be so excited to do this activity with their child!

  • Rachel Friedrich
    February 15, 2012

    What a creative idea! I couldn’t agree more as a teacher and a parent. Thank you for sharing.
    ~ Rach

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