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December 11, 2015

Strange and Unusual Holidays in 2016

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Strange and Unusual Holidays in 2016

Strange and Unusual Holidays in 2016


Throughout the year, there are a number of traditional holidays across the calendar that are celebrated by many people. Here’s a look into the not to so common celebrations and how they can be recognized in preschool. From room decorations of banners and bulletin boards to arts and crafts with the students, there are a number of ways to observe these strange monthly holidays with little learners.


Strange and Unusual Holidays in 2016


January is Creativity Month and what better way to celebrate than to be creative!

18th – Winnie the Pooh Day

This day celebrates the birthday of Pooh’s author AA Milne. Read a Winnie the Pooh classic on this day.

29th – Puzzle Day

Celebrate this day by working on a few puzzles in school.



February is Bird Feeding Month. Children can craft bird feeders out of pine cones, soda bottles, and cookie cutters to observe this holiday.

5th – Weatherman’s Day

Set up the dramatic play area for a little exploration on the topic of weather and pay a tribute to the weatherman.

26th – Tell a Fairytale Day

Open the imagination of little learners with the help of a fairytale.



March is Nutrition Month. Preschoolers can observe this holiday by learning about good food choices and how to eat healthy.

12th – Plant a Flower Day

Children can help plant flowers and seeds.

31st – Crayola Crayon Day

Pay tribute to the start of this famous crayon with a colorful assortment of Crayola crayons.



April is the month of Jazz Appreciation. Discover jazz music and the instruments that help to make up its sound.

8th – Zoo Lovers Day

Take children on a trip to the zoo and let them discover the animals.

29th – International Dance Day

Get those toddlers up and moving by celebrating Dance Day with none other than dancing!



May is Photo Month and can be observed by taking pictures and displaying them in the classroom.

14th – Chicken Dance Day

Dance like a chicken to celebrate this fun holiday!

23rd – Turtle Day

Explore the world of the turtle and the tortoise on this day.



June is the month of Great Outdoors so learn and play outside as much as possible.

5th – Hot Air Balloon Day

The best way to celebrate this day would be to take a ride in a hot air balloon.

24th – Fairy Day

A day for fairies, magic and wishes can be celebrated with dramatic play, sensory play, or arts and crafts.



July is Ice Cream Month. Celebrate this holiday with talks and tastes of ice cream.

14th – Shark Awareness Day

Discover and learn about the great sharks in the big blue sea.

20th – Moon Day

Pay tribute to the day we stepped on the moon and other outer space discoveries, as it is also Space Exploration Day.



August is the month of Family Fun. Talk about the fun things preschoolers like to do with their families.

1st – Sandcastle Day

Build some sandcastles in the sandbox or sensory bin today.

28th – Bow Tie Day

Encourage students to wear a bow tie to school today in honor of this holiday.



September is Honey Month. Celebrate with a lesson on honeybees.

9th – Teddy Bear Day

Honor the lovable teddy bear with a parade of preschooler’s favorite bears.

16th – Play-Dough Day

Fill this day with a variety of Play-Dough activities children are sure to love.



October is Pizza Month and can best be celebrated with a pizza party!

12th – Old Farmers Day

Talk about farming with students and set up a farmer’s market dramatic play area.

21st – Apple Day

Fill this day with apples. From apple stamping art to apple pieces at snack time, the options are endless.



November is the month of Aviation History. Talk about the beginning of aviation and maybe make some paper planes to display around the classroom.

10th – Sesame Street Day

Celebrate this day by introducing a few Muppets to the children and maybe partaking in a few episodes of the infamous learning show.

17th – Take a Hike Day

Go for a nature walk with the students encouraging them to talk about what they see and hear.



December is Bingo Month and preschoolers will love playing Bingo.

21st – Short Story Day

Read short stories to students today.

23rd – Roots Day

Take this day to help children explore their family heritage and where they come from. Craft a family tree.


What are some of your favorite unusual holidays to celebrate with students during the year?





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