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June 7, 2017

Summer Camp in the Classroom: Getting Crafty

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Summer Camp for School - Craft Camp for Kids

Summer Camp for School - Craft Camp for Kids

Craft Camp is a great way to expose children to crafts they may not otherwise do during the school year. If your daycare or community recreation department is looking for some crafty ideas for a kids craft week, the activities below are sure to be kid-pleasers. Try them out with a group or one-on-one at home for some crafty summer fun!

Craft-Themed Summer Camp for Schools

Cool Clipboards

Kids love clipboards and this cool craft lets them create their own. Cut out 9-inch by 12-inch pieces of heavy-duty cardboard beforehand and give one to each child. Have children paint them using kid-friendly acrylic craft paint. After the paint dries, the children can use stickers or glue on rick-rack to accent the board. A heavy-duty 1-inch binder clip positioned at the top will serve as the perfect paper holder.

Clothespin Magnets

Where better to hang artwork than on the refrigerator? This cute craft turns ordinary clothespins into the perfect artwork holders. Pass out spring clothespins and permanent markers or acrylic paint. The children can decorate the clothespins, one side only, with designs or in abstract motifs. After the paint or marker has dried, cut a piece of self-adhesive magnet that will fit on the back of the magnet. Two pieces, one for the top back and one for the lower back, is recommended. Stick them on the clothespin for an instant artwork clip that will stick perfectly to the refrigerator!

Seek and Find Jars

This is a great activity to keep kids busy on a rainy day. You can either ask students to bring in a bag filled with miscellaneous small items or gather some of things from your own junk drawer. Paper clips, colorful buttons, small seashells and even plastic army men are perfect pieces for this craft. Give each student a clean jar (i.e., peanut butter jars, baby food jars, etc.). Have them begin by making a list of all of the items they will be placing in their jar. You can limit the number to five or ten if you are running low on supplies. After they have made the list, the items get put in the jar and the jar gets filled with a filling material. You can use play sand, uncooked rice, or even dried beans as the filler. Screw the lid on securely so that nothing falls out. The child then tapes the list of items to the jar, shakes it up, and tries to spot the items. Once a child has found all of his items, he can exchange with a friend to try to find the items in a different jar. This is a perfect rainy-day activity that can be tailored to fit any theme!

Face It Puzzles

On the first day of camp take a picture of each child’s face. Print the pictures out at a 5×7 size or larger on photo paper. Glue the photos to a piece of thin cardboard, thick card stock or quality poster board. On the back of the mounting paper, have children use a black marker to divide their picture into puzzle piece shapes. Cut out the shapes and an instant face puzzle is created. This activity works better for older children and tweens, because a lot of scissor cutting is required.



What are some of your favorite craft ideas for kids during the summer months? Share with us!


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