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October 31, 2012

4 Super Science Websites for Busy Teachers

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Technology
4 Super Science Websites for Busy Teachers -

4 Super Science Websites for Busy Teachers
Finding the perfect activity ideas for your lesson plans can be tough after a long day in the classroom. If you are searching for fun, exciting new ways to incorporate science into your day, check out the websites below for inspiration. Whether you are searching for lessons on insects or the earth or simple machines, the sites below will help you find just what you need. Check them out!

Science Websites for Teachers

Educator Resources at The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is one of the nation’s premier science learning centers. It is located in Philadelphia, PA and is home to many great exhibits. In addition to the many wonderful hands-on science exhibits, their website also has fantastic learning tools online. The activities and ideas in their resources address some of the National Science Education Standards and can be used for students in elementary grades through high school. This is an excellent science website for educators, learners and parents alike.

Marvelous Machines

Stuck for a simple machine experiment with your third grade class? This website has more simple machine experiments than you may even know exist. Check out experiments with springs, gears, friction and more. The “Teacher’s Notes” section also provides great additional information about the experiments.

NASA’s Earth Observing System

NASA is a great resource for educators and their Earth Observing System is another example of the wonderful educational tools they provide online. Teach you students about the E.O.S., what it does, and why it is important, with the help of information in their Educators’ Resources. Your students will be fascinated to see images of the land and atmosphere as it changes over time.

Jefferson Lab

Need a website for lesson plans, worksheets, puzzles, games and more? Try Jefferson Lab’s Teacher Resource page. It has everything from hands-on experiment lesson plans to Element Bingo and more. The activities are geared for grades kindergarten through middle school and are sure to help make learning fun.


Do you have a super science website that you can’t live without?

Leave a comment below or on the Really Good Teachers Forum and share it with us!

4 Super Science Websites for Busy Teachers -
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  • Amy
    December 2, 2012

    Thanks for sharing these science websites. They are an amazing resource. I especially like the simple machines website.

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