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Tag: children’s books

Articles | April 17, 2017

Growth Mindset, a term coined by Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, is the idea that when people change their beliefs about their own efforts, they can better adapt to

Articles | October 27, 2016

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, one of the best ways to introduce the meanings and traditions of this amazing holiday is through a good book. Whether taking a trip

Articles | June 16, 2016

Spring brings an explosion of color and an awakening of our senses. It’s a great time to inspire children’s creativity and to make colorful works of art. When Pigcasso Met

Articles | May 30, 2016

My name is Q. Futrell, and I recently developed a resource that brings awareness and helps get the conversation of parental incarceration started! My book is called, Our Moms. This

Articles | January 7, 2016

  Get ready for Valentine’s Day with great Valentine’s Day books for preschool. They’re a fantastic way to introduce the history of the holiday, as well as get your students

Articles | August 25, 2015

  A great way to introduce autumn and the changing of seasons to preschoolers is to read about it. Here are ten great books to include during story time about

Articles | December 4, 2014

Start planning now for Black History Month with some amazing children’s books that are perfect to share with your elementary students.  While Black History Month doesn’t begin until February 1st,

Articles | August 7, 2014

Engaging children’s literature can be the gateway to a lifelong love of reading for your students. Explore some wonderful new and old favorites this school year and make reading come

Articles | May 22, 2014

Nothing brings a book to life more than talking with the author.  Many children’s book authors not only enjoy, but encourage teachers to reach out and schedule virtual chats between

Articles | October 13, 2013

Add some great children’s literature to your Thanksgiving lessons this fall.  The 25 books below are educational and entertaining.  You can extend the reading of the books by discussing genre,

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