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Tag: kindness

Articles | November 13, 2017

Your little learners are on overload during the fall and winter holiday months.  So many decorations, so much anticipation, and so many restrictions on you about what you can and

Articles | October 27, 2017

December is filled with holiday goodness, but translating those holidays into classroom activities and lessons isn’t always so easy. The teacher-tested holiday lessons and activities below have all been classroom

Articles | October 4, 2017

Service Learning & Community Service Teaching children about community engagement is often called “service learning”. It is a process of involving students in community service activities to enhance both student

Articles | August 7, 2017

As all teachers know, building and maintaining that sense of classroom community is a year-long process.  Keep your class going strong and on the right path with the ideas and

Articles | July 18, 2015

Leap into learning fun with some interactive and educational fall bulletin boards.  Not only will your students enjoy a colorful display, but they will be able to learn while interacting

Articles | November 13, 2014

  Kindness in the classroom is more than a catch phrase or a the latest fad.  It is, or should be, the ultimate goal of every educator in every school

Articles | May 29, 2014

For years, counselor Barbara Gruener has been inspiring students and teachers in her Friendswood, Texas elementary school with her teachings about kindness and character. In 2011, she began blogging at

Articles | January 2, 2013

Now, more than ever, emphasizing kindness, compassion, and tolerance are essential character lessons in the classroom.  This year, make a point of stressing the importance  of those traits in your

Articles | December 27, 2012

How would you rate your school’s kindness culture? A question that I love to pose in my workshops and guidance lessons goes something like this: If you were arrested for

Articles | November 30, 2012

Ah, December, the last month of the year, a time to gather friends and family and celebrate and reflect upon what the year brought and what the new year is

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