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Tag: St. Patrick’s Day

ArticlesArticles | February 12, 2019

As a teacher, I absolutely loved celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. It was a magical and exciting day for students and teachers alike. Many teachers celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by decorating

Articles | February 12, 2018

Let Your Students Know How Lucky You are to Have Them I love to let my students know how special I think they are with these seasonal door hangers.  For

Articles | March 6, 2017

It does not matter what your nationality, on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone can pretend to be a little bit Irish.  Make this year’s celebration one that your students will remember

Articles | February 24, 2017

Crafts, science fun, and class rewards with a St. Patrick’s Day theme are a great way to work the holiday into your lesson plans.  The seven ideas below are fun

Articles | February 17, 2016

Initially a religious feast to honor the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has now become a celebration of Irish culture across the world. Help preschoolers get into the

Articles | March 16, 2015

  Guest post by Lori Wolfe St Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! I love using this holiday to teach about idioms!

Articles | February 27, 2014

May the luck of the Irish be with you as you plan for St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom!  This mid-March holiday is the perfect break between the doldrums of

Articles | March 16, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!  It is the one day everyone can claim (or chooses to claim!) a wee bit of Irish ancestry.  Whether you wear a green shirt

Articles | February 15, 2012

You just can’t help thinking of March as a lucky month with all the four leaf clovers, rainbows and pots of gold that start popping up! Help students and their

Articles | February 7, 2012

March is almost here and it is time to think fresh, new bulletin boards that inspire and rejuvenate your classroom.  The ideas below get students involved and thinking about their

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