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June 3, 2013

Teacher-Tested Tips for Organizing the Classroom

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Organizing the Classroom with Really Good Stuff

Organizing the Classroom with Really Good Stuff

Recently we ran across a very enthusiastic customer and blogger who was not only excited about her Really Good Stuff purchase, but also about how it helped her organize her classroom. We asked Michelle Casares from Just Wild About Teaching to share some of her tips and tricks for organizing with you. They are practical, easy to implement, and, as Michelle points out, they make a world of difference when it comes to keeping the classroom neat and organized.

Organizing the Classroom with Really Good Stuff

By Michelle Casares, Guest Blogger

Hey everyone! I am so honored to be blogging here. Really Good Stuff asked me and I had to try to pinch myself, I was so flattered! So, I had to think about what to blog about that everyone would be interested in and it didn’t take long before I thought, “Organizing!”


Recently, I made a purchase on Really Good Stuff’s website and one of the things on my list was the Border Storage Bag! I thought this would be great for my borders. I have so many borders and nowhere to put them. For the past 5 years of teaching they have been kept rolled up in a bin. Not the neatest or most organized place to be, but they had a home. Now, however, my borders look amazing. Take a look at the picture above! It’s so easy and simple to use. It makes my life a lot easier! You just roll them up, velcro, and hang!


Another item I bought were these folders – the Really Good Homework Folders. I love that they came in so many colors. I also was happy to find out that velcro was used to close the folders rather than that annoying string you have to twirl around to close. I bought these but had no idea really how to utilize the, After thinking about it for some time, it hit me! I have so many crafts and printables each month that I usually hold in folders, but the folders are getting stuffed and ripping. I thought this would be a great way to revamp my craft folders and give them a new home. Take a look at the picture on the side to see what it looks like after putting my monthly printables and crafts in one folder. I put all my crafts, stencils, and printables for each month in their labeled folder. I think it turned out so cute and looks so much neater and organized than the overstuffed folders. What do you think?


How do you all organize your classrooms? I would love to hear some of your favorite ideas, so leave a comment below and share with us!



About the Author

Michelle Casares is a 1st Grade Teacher in New Jersey. She enjoys spending her days with people she loves and watching sports. She also has a new love of blogging and encourages you to visit her at  You can also find her on Pinterest and on Facebook where she shares her own brand of fun!

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