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April 10, 2017

The Art of Being Thankful: Creative Ways to Say Thanks

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Originally Published On: November 2012

Creative Ways to Say Thanks

Let people know how much they are appreciated! Sometimes it is the small things that they do that enrich our lives, while other times, their help and generosity is so life changing that saying a simple thank you does not seem adequate. Whether you have been waiting for the holidays or Teacher Appreciation Week to show your thanks, or need an everyday thank you method, we have some basic, but creative ways for you to show your appreciation to those special people in your life.

Ways to Say Thanks

Handmade Card

Teachers are used to receiving a construction paper card from their students, so when you are thanking a teacher try to go beyond the primary colors. Instead of using construction paper, use a piece of card stock that you line with a decorative piece of scrapbooking paper. Writing “Thank You” on the front of the card and a heartfelt message inside. If you are adept at scrapbooking, you may have stamps or stickers around that you can use to embellish the card. Do not spend a lot of money on accessories for the card’s design, because the most important aspect of it will be the handwritten message inside.


Bouquet of Thanks

Need to say thank you to a bunch of people at once? Why not use a bouquet of balloons to show your appreciation. On small pieces of paper, write thank yous to those who have helped you or changed your life. Fold up the notes, slip each inside a separate balloon, and inflate it with helium. If all of the notes say the same thing, you can create one giant bouquet. If you would like to personalize the messages, designate a different color balloon for each person and write the recipient’s name on his or her balloon. Not only will you bring an immediate smile to the faces of those you are going to thank, but your thoughtful message inside will warm their hearts when they pop their thank you balloon.


Thinking of You Scarf

When someone has shown you incredible kindness or being very helpful, even after you say thank you, it may not seem like enough. If you are a crocheter or knitter, you have a great opportunity to create a Thinking of You Scarf or shawl. The idea is that while you are making the scarf, you are thinking about the person who will be receiving it. It is a great way to remind someone how much they are appreciated.


Coupon Booklet

No, we are not suggesting a booklet of coupons that you have clipped from the Sunday circular. A coupon booklet is a collection of gifts or services that you are giving to the recipient as a way to say thank you. For example, if your best friend is a single mother, you may want to thank her with a coupon for babysitting or a delivered dinner. You can include as many coupons as you would like in the booklet. Make the coupons geared toward things that the recipient will appreciate and enjoy. It may cost you nothing to babysit your friend’s children, but it will be a priceless coupon to her.


Sometimes it is tempting to go overboard and try to cram a million thanks into one thank you project. Remember, however, that for most of the people who help you, two little words are enough. Saying “thank you” is often the best and most heartfelt way to show your appreciation.


Creative Ways to Say Thanks

Do you have a clever or favorite way of saying thanks to others?  Share your ideas with us below!

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  • Kelly
    November 3, 2012

    I used a Hershey bar as a template and I created a wrapper that says THANKS. Instead of all of the ingredients, it shows all the things that a parent volunteer offers: time, love, support, energy, etc. Then you wrap it around a Hershey bar and voila!

    In November we have Career Month and parents come in to talk to the students about their jobs. I have the kids take a picture with the parent and then we put it onto a poster and all the kids sign it. That serves as our big THANK YOU card. They love it!

  • Teri
    November 3, 2012

    We love sharing the poem “The Five Kernels” with others by stapling it to a small bag of 5 pieces of candy corn. We treat it like the “Boo” on Halloween and leave it anonymously, challenging others to “pay it forward” by sharing the poem and kernels with others.

    The first kernel was thanks for the Autumn beauty. The second kernel was to give thanks for loving one another. The third piece of corn was in thankfulness for their family. The fourth was in thanks for friendship. The fifth and final kernel was in gratitude for the freedom that they found in America.

  • Bonnie Cornelius
    November 3, 2012

    A ‘tasteful’ appreciation: Mini candy bars glued to spell out the giant word ‘THANKS’ on a colorful, 1/4″ thick poster/foam board make a memorable 3-d card that can be easily displayed and happily consumed.

  • Andrea Shike
    November 3, 2012

    I make large clip art 4’s that have a nice outline. The students and I brainstorm things they are thankful for and we write them inside the 4. We mount them to fall colored construction paper and display them outside out room.

  • Susan
    November 3, 2012

    Tokens of appreciation: all the way from hugs and cards to little gifts that are random or known. Just something that shows that I’m thinking of you and how much you mean to me.

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