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August 1, 2015

Top 10 Back to School Must Haves for Teachers

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: The School Year
X Teacher Must Haves for Back to School

Teacher Must Haves for Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Back to school is a time of bittersweet excitement with a healthy dose of anticipation thrown in.  If you’re a teacher, you know all too well that back to school also means gathering your supplies, your files, and your must-have tools for a successful year.  This year, we looked at some of the newest, hottest items in our catalog to find the top 10 back to school must-haves for every teacher.  What would you add to the list?

Top 10 Back to School Must Haves for Teachers

Top 10 Back to School Must-Haves for Teachers - Paper Baskets

1.  Organizing Paper Baskets

Organize and sort your files, papers, student journals,and more with a set of 5 Classroom Paper Baskets with Universal Label Holders.


2.  Welcome Banners

A warm welcome back begins the moment your students enter your classroom door. What better way to do that than to feature a fun welcome back banner or poster.  Find the complete line of welcome posters here.


3.  Chair Pockets

This year, the Store More Grouping Chair Pockets help make grouping students easier than ever.  The set of eight features two sets of each of four colors.  Not only will it make it simple for students (and substitute teachers!) to know which group their in, it will also make it easy to organize classroom seating.  One teacher from Maryland said, “I am using these pockets to label my table leader chairs. The storage is great and since they come 2 for each color I have an extra set to use at the reading table. No more tying scarves on chairs that fall off or the students don’t notice. These pockets are noticeable and don’t have to be tied on.”  How will you use them in your classroom?


10 Back to School Must-Haves for Teachers - Pencil Pals

4. Self-Adhesive Pencil Clips

Imagine, at the end of the school day, looking around       and finding no pencils on the classroom floor.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it’s not! The Self-Adhesive Pencil Clips and Pencil Pals keep pencils firmly in place and off of the floor.  This year, your dream of not having to pick up another pencil at the end of the day could finally come true!





5. 2015-2016 Monthly Calendar Pages

There’s nothing like a Really Good Stuff School Year Calendar! Each day features a fun fact and the colorful design makes it a classroom must-have.  It’s available for Primary grades and for Intermediate students, as well.


6. Durable Folders

It was hard to narrow down one type of must-have folder, because they’re all so important. The key to them though is that they must be durable. Really Good Stuff’s Pocket Folders are not only durable, they’re versatile, colorful, and designed to make organizing student work, homework, and miscellaneous papers easier than ever. What type of pocket folders are you dreaming of for this school year?


10 Back to School Must Haves for Teachers - Commercial Pencil Sharpener7.  Commercial Pencil Sharpener

Let’s face it, as a teacher you sharpen a lot of pencils during the school year. A standard pencil sharpener just doesn’t cut it.  The Bostitch SuperPro 6 Commercial Pencil Sharpener is a a must-have. A teacher from Texas says, “[The Bostitch SuperPro 6 Commercial Pencil Sharpener is] an amazing machine! I have been very impressed with how quickly and effectively this pencil sharpener sharpens pencils. I have used it all year long with 3rd graders, of course, I do the sharpening with ease. This little machine is most definitely an asset to the busy classroom.” And Miss S. from Ohio calls it the “Best pencil sharpener! I have used several pencil sharpeners and they never make it to the end of the year. This one is worth every penny spent and makes my classroom run so much better. Lead doesn’t break, sharp point every time, and fast! My first grade classroom recommends this for every classroom!”  Check it out here.


8.  Reading & Math Materials from Astute Hoot

We are in love with all things Astute Hoot this year!  From the Chunking Chipmunk Slide and Learns that make breaking words into chunks a blast to the Math Strategies Banner Set that helps students remember math operations and strategies with ease, this line was developed by teachers for teachers.  Find out more about this amazing product line here.


9. A Box of Stickers

School is better with stickers and with 2,816 stickers in the Seasonal Stickers Assortment Box, you’re sure to have enough to last all year long.  A teacher must-have for easy incentives and positive reinforcement!




10.  An Organizing Mail Center

When it comes to classroom management, organization is key.  Having an organizing tool that allows you to label, sort, and file with ease will make your life so much easier.  The 9-Slot Store More Mail Center and Wire Works Supply Center is perfect for organizing weekly lesson materials, storing extra copies, having important paperwork at hand, and keeping the Substitute Binder at the ready.  For the organized classroom, it’s a definite must-have!


What are your back to school must-haves for the 2015-2016 school year?




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