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September 13, 2017

Lunch with the Teacher

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Lunch with the Teacher

Lunch with the Teacher

Do you have lunch with your students? This idea takes it to a whole new level! The next time you want to dine with your students, try this idea by Karla, a 1st Grade Teacher, in Fairmont, MN to make students feel special. It’s sure to be a lunch they (and you!) remember forever!

Lunch with the Teacher

Several times throughout the year, I plan an activity I call “Dinner with Class.” Each time, I prepare and send invitations to children who I wish to join me in a special meal in class. For the occasion, I use a real tablecloth, matching napkins, and coordinating china plus real water goblets, wine glasses, and silverware. I even provide small battery-operated candles so we can dine by candlelight. (I purchase all supplies from the dollar store and/or from yard sales).

I arrange ahead of time to have my pint-sized honored guests pick up their plates in class, take their plates to the cafeteria for their meal, then return to the classroom to dine with me. When our dinner repartee winds down, I present each of them with a small dessert, such as “Hugs from the Teacher” which consists of a few Hershey Kisses placed in a small gift container (again, purchased for pennies each). Following that, I dismiss them directly from the table and to the playground, telling them that this time, the cleanup is on me. By year’s end I have dined this way with every child. My students and I really love this tradition. It allows us to get to know one another in a new and valuable way.



How do you celebrate students in your class? Share your tips, tricks, and ideas with us below in the comments! we’d love to hear what you do in your classroom!



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