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May 22, 2014

Virtual Skype Visits with Children’s Book Authors

Written By: Brandi Jordan
Category: Technology
X Virtual Skype Visits with Children's Book Authors

Virtual Skype Visits with Children's Book Authors

Nothing brings a book to life more than talking with the author.  Many children’s book authors not only enjoy, but encourage teachers to reach out and schedule virtual chats between them and their class.  Skype offers even the most remote schools a chance to “meet” an author and interact with him or her in real time.  As you start planning for next school year, consider some of these helpful tips for bringing some of your students’ favorite authors into the classroom.

Virtual Skype Visits with Children’s Book Authors

Skype an Author

This Slideshare presentation was given at the International Reading Association’s (IRA) 2014 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA in May 2014.  It includes a timeline for planning your Skype interview.


Authors Who Skype

This article lists many children’s book authors who are willing and able to Skype with classrooms around the world.  If your favorite author is not on the list, you may want to contact them through their website or publisher and see if they do virtual classroom visits.


Skype an Author Network

The Skype an Author Network was founded to help connect authors with classrooms.  Teachers can explore authors by last name and authors can register to be listed in the directory.


How to Skype

Not sure how to get Skype in your classroom?  Here’s a tutorial for using Skype on your:

Windows PC




Android phone


Skyping is a great way to invite your favorite authors into the classroom to help bring books alive for your students.  If you have used Skype before, let us know who came for a virtual visit and how it went.  We want to know your best tips!

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