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June 2, 2017

Wet and Wild Learning Stations

Written By: Brandi Jordan
X Wet and Wild Learning Stations for the End of the Year

Wet and Wild Learning Stations for the End of the Year

Make a splash this year with this idea by Cindy, a 3rd Grade Teacher, in Houston, TX.

For our end-of-the-year celebration we plan a Water Games Day.  We set up a number of different stations in the field behind our school. We assign one class to each station and then we rotate every 10 minutes.

Water Fun Learning Stations

• Water Balloon Toss, with students tossing water balloons to each other, taking one step back to widen the gap after each successful catch.

• Sponge Relay, with team members taking turns racing to fill sponges with water, running and squeezing the water into pails and repeating until the pails are full.

• Bucket Brigade Relay, whereby teams of students form lines and fill buckets (already pierced with numerous holes) with water and use buckets to fill up larger buckets.

• Splish, Splish, Splash (AKA Duck, Duck, Goose with Water), whereby students sit in a circle and one student who is “It” dribbles a few drops of water on different people in turn while muttering “Splish…Splish,” until suddenly that student yells “Splash!” while dumping the whole bucket of water on an unsuspecting student who gets up and chases It around the circle of students. If It is not caught, the new person becomes It and the game resumes from the top.

The students and teachers have a ton of fun. The students get a little bit wet and laugh for a whole hour. After we are done playing, the students dry off in the sun while enjoying juice bars. It’s a great way to spend one of the last days of school and leave the kids with a wonderful memory of third grade.


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