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11 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

11 Ways to Use Technology in the ClassroomThe use of technology in the classroom is becoming more mainstream than ever.  From using it as a way to gain resources and inspiration for lessons to leveraging the relationships with others in your Professional Learning Network (PLN) to find pen pals for your students, the benefits of using technology in and for the classroom are plentiful.  However, it is also important to remember that access issues and outdated technology can create issues when integrating it in lessons.

During the #TeachChat on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013, teachers voiced their concerns with using tech in the classroom.  Connectivity issues, slow load time for devices, and limited access to apps and programs were among the top concerns.  Despite those issues, teachers realize that today’s students are coming to school better equipped and more informed about how to use technology than ever before.  There is excitement about the possibilities.


Letting students teach the teacher or other students how to use programs and apps is one of the great, unintended benefits of using technology in the classroom.  A student who is proficient with an aspect of technology becomes the classroom expert.  He eagerly verbalizes explanations, directions, and conclusions about how it can be used and gives hands-on lessons to his peers.  He learns to problem-solve and troubleshoot.  This authentic learning (and teaching) becomes the foundation not only for a technology savvy class, it also creates a community of learners who take pride in teaching one another.


Download the free, printable 11 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom graphic (Color) (Black & White) for inspiration about how you can bring technology to your lessons and your students.  How do you use technology in your classroom?  Share with us!





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