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Create Rhyming Poems With Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was the master of rhyming words. What better way to celebrate his birthday on March 2nd than to involve the entire class in a collaborative poetry writing project? Follow the simple lesson below to get your class rhyming in no time!

Lesson: Begin by reading a favorite Dr. Seuss book aloud to the class. Discuss rhyming words with the class and how Dr. Seuss used them when writing his books. Together, brainstorm a topic for a class collaborative poem. Make a list on the board of student generated, topic related rhyming words. Have the children work together to form the words into a rhyming poem. If the class is very big, you may want to separate the kids into small groups to come up with a poem using the common words instead. When the poems are done, have the children read them aloud to the rest of the class.

A Really Good 5th Grade Teacher, Sarah from Hartsville, SC, created her own Dr. Seuss-inspired rhyming poem about what her class does for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday,
We rhyme our words all day.
On our heads we wear tall hats,
Red and White just like the Cat’s.
We also create drawings that have the look,
Of drawings we saw in Dr. Seuss books.
We eat Who Hash and fresh Roast Beast,
We love nibbling our Dr. Seuss feast.
We spend rest of the day playing games for fun,
And after much laughter, we are done.

Sounds like a great day, Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

What are some of your favorite ways to teach rhyming words?

Leave a comment and let us know. We love to hear from you!

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