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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Teachers

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As teachers, you spend your money on a lot of things for your school and your students. This year your Halloween costume does not have to be one of those items that eats into your limited budget. Instead, try one of these three cute, easy, low-cost costumes below. They are perfect for school!

Bottle of Glue

It is not every day you see a bottle of glue walking down your school’s hallways! This Halloween, the sight of your costume will stick in the minds of all those who see you. All you need is a pair of white sweat pants, a white sweatshirt, white socks and white sneakers. Use a large piece of orange construction paper or poster board to cut out the familiar glue bottle logo and pin or tape it to the front of your sweatshirt. Fashion a pointed, cap-shaped orange hat from a separate piece of poster board to wear on your head. Your costume will surely make your students, and your budget, smile.

Play Doh

As any teacher knows, Play Doh can be a great educational tool. Thankfully, it can also make a super Halloween costume. To create your own Play Doh can costume, you will need to purchase a circular, yellow, collapsible style clothes hamper. These are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be found at dollar stores. Cut a large hole in the bottom of the hamper for your legs and step into it when it is fully opened. Use the top handles as shoulder straps if they are long enough. While the hamper does not need to be very big, you will need to be able to fit into it when it is opened. Cut a Play Doh logo from a piece of red poster board and pin it to the front of the hamper. You can also dress in yellow sweat pants and a sweatshirt that is the color of your favorite Play Doh color before you put the hamper on.

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The tourist costume is perfect for Halloween and for unit studies about other parts of the country or world. Put on a pair of plaid or khaki shorts and a tropical print shirt that only a tourist would wear. A wide brimmed, straw hat and a streak of white zinc oxide sunscreen on your nose will help add to the look. Do not forget to carry around a large tote bag and sling a camera around your neck for added effect. While you may wear the costume for fun during your Halloween party at school, you can also wear it to get into the mood during social studies lessons. Students will love being able to share information about the area or place they have been studying with a real, live “tourist.”

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