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October Bulletin Board Ideas

Photo by Brandi Jordan

October is quickly approaching and it is time to start thinking about changing your classroom bulletin boards. There is no better month to have a fall theme board than this one and we have some great ideas to get you started. Whether you are searching for an interactive bulletin board, or one for display, we have a few quick and easy boards that will not take you all night to put up.

Reading Patch

Celebrate students’ reading achievements by starting a Reading Patch bulletin board near your classroom library. Cover the board in plain brown paper and outline it with a fall theme border. Place cut-out letters at the top to spell out the title “Reading Patch”. Have a basket below the board on a table or shelf with small cut out pumpkins. You can use any size pumpkin, but make sure that they are small enough that you will be able to display a lot of them on the board, but not too small that students have a hard time writing on them. Introduce the bulletin board to students and explain that for each book they read, they will be writing the title and author on a pumpkin and hanging it on the board. Set a goal as a class as to how many pumpkins you would like to see in the patch on the last school day in October. When the month is over, take the pumpkins down and count them together to see how many books were read. Students will be motivated to fill up the patch with their paper pumpkins and visitors to your class will be able to see first hand how much your students are reading.

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Fire Safety

In most states, fire safety lessons are part of each district’s curriculum. While your school may have a local fire department come and give the main lesson, creating a fire safety bulletin board is also a great way to reinforce the important life saving skills that your students need to know. Begin by covering the board in white paper and placing a flame shape border cut from red paper around the edges. In the center, place a picture of your class surrounded by the phrase, “Fire Safety Starts With You!” Create a web of fire safety tips that branch out, but that are connected to the center picture. Include tips about everything from an escape plan at home to Stop-Drop-and-Roll. You can make the board a visual reminder of the safety lessons, or you can make it more interactive by creating a short quiz for students to complete from the information presented. Whether it is interactive or not, students will still benefit from seeing the information on the class bulletin board.

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Pumpkin Pie Recipe Math

If your students need practice with their multiplication or addition skills, try creating a pumpkin pie recipe math bulletin board in your room. A colorful, pumpkin theme piece of fabric can be stapled to the board, and blank recipe cards can be hung around it for a border. In the center of the bulletin board, have a large, cut-out of a pumpkin pie or a slice of pie on a plate. Around the pie, place the ingredients lists, with measurements, for three or four different pumpkin pie recipes. Print them out from the computer in a large, easy to read font. Include directions on the back of each recipe that tell the students to double, triple, quadruple or cut the recipe in half. Their task is then to use the original measurements to figure out how much of each ingredient they will need to create more pies. This gives them the opportunity to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Create easy to use answer sheets for them to record their measurements for each recipe. If possible, laminate the recipe cards or place them in clear sheet protectors, so that they will last the entire month.

What are some of your favorite bulletin boards for October?

Do you have one that you use year after year?

Share with us! We’d love to hear your ideas!


Love the pumpkin pie math. What can be better, combining my favorite pie with my favorite subject. Definitely going to try this one.

Tara Lorson
Tara Lorson

I love the Reading Patch bulletin board idea! I will definately be doing this bulletin board because it goes along great with our Book It Program. I love it because I think it would be a great motivator for the students to be the one who gets the most pumpkins up on the board, they are always motivated by being #1! For October I have already created a bulletin board or I would have used the Pumpkin Patch idea. I projected the image of a mummy on my board which I then traced, laminated, and wrapped in gauze. It looks awesome! It is hung on the board with the title "Wrapped up in Our Writing". The students are working on their writing assignments to be placed on the board titled, "My Favorite Halloween Tradition". This board focuses on our Language Arts class component of rough draft, editing, and handwriting.


I teach PreK. I like to use students artwork on my bulletin board. This month we will be making jack'o'lanterns to go with my pumpkin unit for a bulletin board. My other bulletin board is going to be a tree with falling leaves-requested by my students! They want to write their names and put a picture of themselves on their leaf. I have strings hanging from the ceiling that we theme decorate too.