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What’s The Purpose? 15 Activities to Reinforce the Author’s Purpose for Writing

Identifying an author’s purpose for writing can be a tricky skill for some students.  Help them out by providing opportunities to write in different ways.  The ideas below offer some quick and easy ways to reinforce the difference between writing to inform, entertain, and persuade.

Ideas for Writing to Inform

  • Write a letter telling about the routine of their day
  • Create a description of an item found in a catalogue or magazine…or in the classroom!
  • Make a brochure containing facts about a subject being studied (history, science, math, etc.)
  • Create a recipe and outline the steps needed to make the food
  • Write a news story about something happening in the school or the community

Ideas for Writing to Persuade

  • Create a radio advertisement encouraging people to buy a product
  • Write a speech encouraging people to vote for you for class president
  • Work with a partner and create a skit about a salesperson trying to sell a reluctant buyer something
  • Write an essay about something you would like to see changed and why it should get done
  • Write a review of a book encouraging someone to read it

Ideas for Writing to Entertain

  • Write a funny story
  • Create a joke book
  • Describe an event that made you laugh
  • Write a funny poem about an animal
  • Write a short story from the perspective of an inanimate object in the classroom (i.e. – the stapler, the dry erase markers, etc.)

What are some of your favorite writing lessons for students?  Leave a comment and share with us!

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