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At Really Good Teachers™, we’re all about bringing you the best ideas, the most timely information, and the greatest discussions by teachers for teachers. This is your community made up of Really Good Teachers, just like you.

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  1. I like teaching children.
  2. I have mad color-coordinating skills.
  3. A new box of crayons makes me happy.
  4. I like to help other teachers think of ways to make teaching more awesome.
  5. I have been known to give kids “the teacher eye” when they’re misbehaving in public… even if they’re not mine.
  6. The "lightbulb" moments when a child finally gets a concept are what keeps me going.
  7. You can never have enough sticky notes, baskets, and bulletin board borders.
  8. Making anchor charts while watching Netflix on a Saturday night is your thing.
  9. Your students have called you, "Mom" or “Dad”.
  10. You keep a secret stash of candy in your classroom.
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